Craziest Ingress Activity

We all say it - if you havent done something 'normal people' would say is crazy, you're not playing ingress.

Myself - I drove 110kms at 10PM at night to take down the final ENL field within our cell (it was 1 MU) to reduce to local ENL score to 0. We were under a large BAF at the time.

I have a friend who rode his bike 140kms through alpine wilderness by himself to cap portals while chasing the guardian badge.


  • VAINVAIN ✭✭✭✭

    @Digitalis Orlando Obsidian still ranks as one of my favorite Anomalies I've attended. That road trip from Pennsylvania to Florida overnight was insane and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Although next time let's avoid fractured ribs. 😘

    I need to think more about what the craziest thing I've done for Ingress, after six years it's hard to decide on. Although going straight into my first Stealth Ops GORUCK in Orlando after that 19-20 hour road trip was pretty crazy.

  • ViolaRoseViolaRose ✭✭✭

    Standing outside in the middle of the woods miles away from anyone or anything waving my phone in the air trying to find signal to take a portal for a res field 12:00 to like 2 or 3 on a week day. 0/10 would not recommend.

  • GlenuendoGlenuendo ✭✭✭✭

    @iBotPeaches , Wow... sorry to hear about that. I hope you are doing better. That has to be a tough thing to recover from.

  • I've seen alot of crazy stuff from the local res.

    There was a really bad blizzard a while back, and the infamous Smurf in our area was out taking portals and making fields in his little jalopy

    I once accidentally put an axa on a nearby portal, and the same crazy guy drove across the city to destroy it. He took it out in about 15 or so minutes.

    The crazy Smurf starts playing every day at 5am. Only skips this on the holidays and later that night he and his family go out and play. He plays the most on Christmas and Thanksgiving nights.

    Crazy Smurf man has the entire city fielded and has no issue driving 50 miles to field some more. Every day. Every single day.

    Crazy Smurf man plays from 5am to 9 pm every day. He has absolutely no life and unlimited gas money. He's unemployed and probably living off retirement/social security.

    Luckily he's calmed down over time. Before he would instantly react to anything enl did in the city. I'm talking driving across the city to take out a portal with a single reso on it.

  • I drove all the way around Lake Michigan to take out some guardians.... errr, cap uniques.

  • JohnTheAussieJohnTheAussie ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    Running through a rain forest to beat a thunderstorm to a remote portal before shards started, to set up a vanguard a week before....

  • Had a very well known home portal, got destroyed daily.

    Knew I was moving about 1,5km away, had my team starting to farm the two portals where I'd move to and it could stay up a couple of days/a week.

    Moved and played like I was still living at the old place for a year, glyphed 250k glyph points on our farm portals using circle/lawson, gave away a ton of gear

    PROFIT! and the scrapers never got any wiser.

  • I walked 3 km knee-deep in snow through a crazy blizzard to keep my Sojourner. Well on my way to the portal the wind was blowing in my back and it was totally ok... but when I turned back it suddenly became pretty hard. At some point I almost thought that I couldn't make it.

    After that I decided to stay in the city at least till the end of the winter 😂 Honestly, the whole Sojourner experience was quite complicated for me. I don't regret going for onyx, I wanted it, but I can't deny that it was pretty hard sometimes and made me too anxious. I am so happy not to think about everyday hacking anymore.

  • BunnyPrimeBunnyPrime ✭✭✭

    I flew from Seattle to Cape Town, South Africa, for a Mission Day. I didn't even need it for onyx as I already had onyx. I also flew to the Dominican Republic for an MD, when I don't speak Spanish. I flew to many states for the day, for a Mission Day, i.e. returned the same day. Locally this became known as 'doing a BunnyPrime'. All in all I spent well over $10k to get my onyx mission day badge.

    Several times while doing missions I've hung around in one place for hours in low signal areas trying to hack a single portal, running up and down hills to try get signal. My patience paid off, I eventually succeeded in hacking them all. I was worried I wouldn't make my flights back home.

    I hung around guarding our target portal for hours during global shards, in the rain and cold in the middle of the night. And drove around taking down links literally all night (got home at dawn) at one point during global shards. I think it was also during shards that I jumped into a car with other agents on very short notice, and we drove about 6 hours one way just in case we were needed, and we weren't, so we turned around and drive back again,

    I once on a whim got in my car and drove to Canada to do a banner. It was very stormy and I could barely walk against the super-strong wind and near-horizontal rain to get to the end of the pier where I had to hack one portal of that banner. I should have just gone home after I finished but while there I saw another banner a bit north that I wanted to do. It was already about 10pm when I started so I had to walk in the pitch dark on beaches and through large parks (which were all technically closed) to finish the banner at around 2am, before I started the 4 hr trip home.

    I have crossed over warning tape and walked onto a Oahu North Shore when there were massive waves, and walked into the area where waves had been seconds before that to hack a waypoint for a banner.

    I've talked my way into more places than I care to remember, just to finish mission banners -- construction areas, guests-only areas at hotels, pay-only areas at attractions etc. I ended up paying one park attendant in India an amount that probably was a month's salary for him (not that much for me) just so I could finish a banner behind 'do not enter' signs .. which took some time because of signal issues.

  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭

    Any takedown between 2:30 am and sunrise.

    Other than that was the anomaly bonus day where bonus AP (Atlanta etc. Saturday) was on A twelve hour, 4 am - 4 pm dash for AP taking me all over my native city searching for portals and enemy fields to take down.

  • Spent an entire day taking down an enemy repeating BAF before every checkpoint.

    They were using a portal 15 minutes from my house as an anchor. Kept putting it up in the middle of the window (???) so I would take it out every time. They threw it five times, and I killed it five times (just over 20 hours total). It never made a cp.

  • Usually when I got a big field in my mind.. I go for it until it is done.. I usually start around 22h30.. and end up in the morning at 6h or 7h. As I don't always know the portals since my area is very active, I have to travel further and I look up addresses beforehand, make a schedule on which one first and then and then.. and in which order to ****/link. I do this beforehand as well and check half an hour before I start if there are any major changes. The reason it takes so long is because I do these fields alone. Which is probably also why they don't seem that big to some people, but doing them alone makes it quite the task.

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