Double Deploy - Should it be Normalized?



  • Try living somewhere with a single digit total player base. Even with double deploy, we still have to use ADA/Jarvis to create L8s. They are still very much special in rural Ingress. Now, if they wanted to do away with double level 8 in big cities because the big city players are bored, that seems reasonable to me. All they'd need to do would be to check whether or not there are 20 portals within some small radius and, if so, no second L8 from the same player on that portal. Keep everybody happy. Because double L7/L8 is doing wonderful things for rural Ingress.

    Slow decay, on the other hand, can go away any time.

  • Many urban centers now have the levels of players that rural zones used to.

    You can almost define many people's position on this topic based on whether they still have lots of enemy players near them or not. Too many enemies and double deploy is the devil (but hey lets give out free weapons etc).

    Sadly, the majority of players don't read the forums as evidenced by the fact that I took a two month break from looking here (since all that was happening was Tessellation) and I still have the highest point total. It seems that a large amount of the traffic is people coming to complain about someone else's gameplay.

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    If there this few amount of players there, the Covid bonuses don't change anything. They couldn't easily make lv8 portals before and can't do now too. And since most of portals end up not being lv8 and probably not even 7, everyone can play by using lv6 gear, or even lv5.

    A single player can create a lv6 portal now, and with that he can get some lv8 gear. Use the lv6 xmp everywhere and save the 7 and 8 for rare occasions.

  • A single player can create a lv6 portal now, and with that he can get some lv8 gear. Use the lv6 xmp everywhere and save the 7 and 8 for rare occasions.

    Translation: You're rural so you get rationed because I don't like my opponents destroying my P8s.

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    Translation: you don't like people with different ideas so you make assumptions about them.

  • Dismissing someone as "You were screwed before, you don't deserve a change" is not only rude, but counter productive.

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    Now you're forging an offensive statement out my words to invalidate my opinion?

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    If there this few amount of players there, the Covid bonuses don't change anything.

    "Your opinion doesn't matter because you don't have 4 players"

    The bonuses definitely change things even for rural players.

  • L8 portals are not required to play the game.

  • why should farms be important part of game ? solo player experience is important as well. game balandc should not be dictated only by players with many nolifers in community.

  • Double deploy doesn't in any way exclude single player.

    Some people just have an obsession with denying other players gear as a strategy.

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    Its not obsession, it's part of the game. Capturing and destroying specific portal are basically the objective. This is a game based on area control.

  • This is a game based on area control.

    That's correct. But what you're failing to acknowledge is farms are not about Area Control. Farms are gear and only gear. Area control is about creating fields over areas. Having thousands of P8s doesn't gain you anything in area control.

    Gear deprivation strategy is all about eliminating the motivation of the competition. And many years of playing like that has decimated many regions who then turn around and complain that they have no opposition.

    Free flowing gear is a key part of an active and vibrant region.

    Destroying farms is a fine tactic, when they're rebuilt the next day. Suppressing everything in the game might give you the higher score eventually after the other faction quits, but it's also self-destructive.

    And that is the problem here.

    We've reached a point where through both strategic suppression and mismanagement, the population is dwindling. You'll soon succeed in your goal of doing nothing but recharging, if gear suppression is your primary strategy. And you'll be bored out of your wits with it.

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    Your reality doesn't fit mine. I'm ENL and on a 25km radius I thinks there's is just about 5 p8 (on the same place), while about at least 50 res p8 spread on the proximity of each active res agent. Probably each one of them have a p8 farm, and tons of gears.

    That said, the number of weapon they have is completely irrelevant. They're losing for the last 3 years at least. This year they didn't win a single cycle (there is actually 5, but it was a spoofer who covered the whole cell and nobody cares to waste time and money to destroy spoofed far away portals).

    Having more p8 doesn't mean much, is just a bonus. It makes attacking easier, just that. A thousand of xmp8 doesn't value anything if the agents aren't smart enough to use it with strategy. But p8 have high personal value. Those who can have it on their couch have great lust and pride on it, and it does feel good just to destroy it. The resistance even created a fake badge just for count up farm destroyed. And this bonus of p8 for months just killed the point of having and destroying a p8farm, because it can be easily rebuilt and everybody is already with full inventory anyway. Beside the field making and are controlling it was fun to take a trip to a new place and destroy some couches, but now is not worthy anymore because everyone can have it easily.

    Tldr: p8 aren't necessary to play the game, but they are special. I'm more in favor of creating a lv9 resonators (will allow two players to create lv7 portals) than leave double 8 as standard.

  • My area is dominated by multi accounters... this double deploy is making it easier for cheaters to prosper while minimizing the social aspect of this game. I miss my friends and real agents. End double deploy, it was fun but it's time has run out.

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    I don't believe you can leave double deploy permanently as-is. However, it would work if there were some checks/balances to the system to prevent people spamming 8 farms.

    Here are some ideas to limit the system while still making farms viable:

    -Introduce a system similar to Pokemon Go raid passes. Get # of free passes per day/week which allow double deploy on one portal. Additional passes up to # of passes could be purchased per week.

    -Only allow double deploy at # of portals at a time

    -Require that agents perform a certain amount of action daily to gain access to double deploy. Introduce quests/missions which will force the accounts to show up on the intel map daily.

    Realistically there should be a way to sit four agents down at a portal for a weekly meetup and they can farm 8 gear together. Logistics for coordinating more than 4 people at restaurants/bars is much more difficult. However, allowing continuous building of multiple P8s by four people isn't good.

  • While I would welcome a way to fund Ingress, I think paying to build P8s is probably going to fall into the 'unacceptable pay-to-win' category.

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    I offered a few suggestions, not all require paying for P8s. All you need to do is implement some checks/balances that both offer enough weekly play that it's useful but also prevent multiaccounting from being exploited. Far from an all-or-nothing issue here.

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