Double or not

What is the opr rule regarding double portals for 1 object.

Reason for asking.


Are Both An entry to the cemetary.

Renames arent accepted /moves to places on the cemetary also are rejected.

Is making An invalid portal report on this forum any chance of succes to combine these 2 to 1 OR is An front and back entrance not duplicate


  • Intel map isn't working for me at all, but in general two different entrances to a large public open space aren't duplicates. Maybe they aren't valid in some other way, but as they aren't the same entrance they aren't duplicates.

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    Large? A 400 meter cemetary (at most)

    The m of Molenstraat at the Bottom. And the grey one at the top next to dasstraat

  • vke123vke123 ✭✭✭

    That Will give me a lot of new portals in my own town. Did not request those since i thougt IT was duplicate

  • Many places such as parks with multiple entrances and signs end up with portals for each one. I don't see a problem with it, but some do. I wouldn't try removing one unless it's a fake, because I don't think Niantic would actually remove it.

    That said, your example was a cemetery, which is now something explicitly labeled to reject for new portals unless it's something famous/historical. I wouldn't expect any new entrance nominations to pass for those whatsoever.

  • Things got through the system in the past that were ineligible and they will continue to. This cemetery was on my Showcase just last week:

    And this is in my Showcase this week:

    Neither should have been approved. But now they are in the system and it is too difficult to remove them, so they will stay permanently.

  • Both can be approved with sufficient evidence of cultural value, @Svardod. I wouldn't waste time on a random cemetery with my nominations though.

  • SvardodSvardod ✭✭✭

    @cmonineedaname I understand that historical, cultural significance, or importance in the community can make a normally ineligible Wayspot nomination into an eligible one. I’ve been to one of these and researched the other... neither should have been approved based on my local knowledge of them. Not worth arguing over as these aren’t terrible and plenty of other grandfathered cemeteries and memorial benches in the system already.

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