How do I report an bad edit influencing the reviewers?

There is a lot of location edits, moving portals out their current right place with the intention of remove it from s2 17 cells and create new pokestops, all with additional edit on description/tittle influencing the choice, telling lies of the whereabouts of the portals. And people are falling for this. There places with massive edits, with 5 portals moved out a single cell to allow one more pokestop there.

Niantic officially says it's wrong, but don't provide precise ways to report it or is able to take action about it. I've been doing several reports, that i know it's from the same person, and nothing happened. Wasn't the strike system supposed to give a week ban after the first warning?

There should be a quick report button on the review page to flag that edition, because just choosing the right choice is only lowering my rating since almost every other person fall, or intentionally help. All the time I spent taking prints, searching and copying the portal url isn't being worth.


  • If you're close enough and play pokemon go, test the moved gyms. There are reports on-line of bugged ones that were moved. Where players wren't able to battle or raid. If that's the case report it through pogo support. They night actual investigate if it's causing lost revenue.

  • No one cares.

    Honestly, why do some of you care more about the game than the developers?

    Your time is better spent elsewhere than worrying about a game.

  • Yes, it should be a way to report and avoid these bogus edits. I never interested in visit this forum, but the hundreds of misplaced Portals in my region made me came here for a solution...

    The connection between the real and virtual worlds are the most important and appealing aspect of the games and people are ruining it.

    I read about an report abuse thing but I can't find it

  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭

    Latest update from Casey about this:

    If you check the previous AMA you'll see how many times Niantic said to be developing a way to report abuse on edits. Think the first time was mentioned early 2018. Nothing was done until now.

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