XF Christmas star Purmerend, The Netherlands

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It was 5 years ago that we made our first cross faction holidays field art in Purmerend, a city near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

SitRep 2014

I have enjoyed playing #ingress  in 2014, enjoyed talking to both Enlightened and Resistance players, enjoyed having competition this last year and enjoyed working together to create this field art.

For 2015 I challenge all of you to do the same... be competitive, play fair, be social and enjoy this wonderful game and enjoy 2015.

But how much I enjoyed last weeks, I have to warn you, dear favorite opponent ;) Listen carefully Team ENL, I say this only once...: We are dedicated to destroy everything that is GREEN around here! See you again in a year... We might enjoy creating an even bigger Field Art in 2015. :D 

Team Resistance Purmerend

thx to: +*****, +*****, +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** , +***** and of course all the other Ingress Agents for giving us the opportunity to build this...

5 years later, December 29th, we did it again.

And the funny thing is... even after 5 years, the words in the sitrep from 2014 are still true... I still love playing Ingress. Enjoy meeting all the people from both factions, all with their own stories, their own backgrounds and preferences... which makes each of us unique. They all love playing Ingress, which makes us Ingress Agents. The only important question for an Ingress Agent is: are you blue or are you green...

And during the cross faction field art, even that question was less important..

I have enjoyed being part of this ops, have enjoyed having a drink with all of you afterwards when the "star was born"

I will enjoy battling my green comrades in 2020, I will enjoy collaborating with my blue team mates, above all I will enjoy meeting all these fantastic people and visiting these wonderful places that Ingress surprises you with.

Thanks to all that participated and all that let us build our star.

Happy 2020.

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