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Hi, long-time player, first time poster here. I wanted to express a most heartfelt "farewell" to Andrew Krug. It's not really a farewell given we will always be friends IRL, but there's a certain special finality here as he leaves his position with Niantic. He and I have had a long history together as teammates, as community moderators both for the local Enlightened and cross-faction communities, as co-creators of the Youtube channel, Behind the Scanner, and colleagues for projects like the anomaly livestreams in Brooklyn and San Diego.

I first met him in person when I was a freshly minted Level 8 on April 1, 2013. One of my mentors had asked if I'd be interested in partaking in a special mission with him and RedSoloCup. RSC was a long-time legend in the community and I'd hear crazy tales from the other senior players about him. Of course I jumped at the chance! We met at the almost-as-legendary "Hippo portal" at George Washington University. It was a treasured location for Resistance Agent Spliao and his "Drunken Hippo crew" where we dropped as many keys and level 1 resonators on top of the portal as we could. Back then, there wasn't any special indicator for portals and you could actually bury them under gear before the portal could be accessed and captured. Andrew was also known to have a sticker of the green Android guy, Bugdroid, on his truck and once he realized he actually had one of the toys with him, he couldn't resist placing it in the hippos mouth. To this day, I'm actually not sure Spliao and the hippos' reaction -- or even if they noticed it at all the next morning -- but I doubt they had as many laughs as we did, especially since it would have been April 2 when they would have seen our presents and not the actual April Fools Day, when we did our prank.

Anyway, a virtual toast to you, Andrew! I'll post a few more memories in the comments. Look forward to more in the future! xoxoxo

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