Children's centre not removed

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There is a local children's centre that contains seven portals. I report them as 'School (up to K-12)' and 'Private Residential Property' several times, but every time they are reviewed and "confirmed that this Portal should remain in the Portal Network." Even one portal may be too many for this location, let alone seven. They're all very close together. There is even a mission on the grounds!

The property during business hours is a play centre for children and their families. I have been turned away from the property out of hours, as it has been stated to be private property by the security guard (and again, one which is catered to children, they are very cautious). The portals are not reachable from the surrounding area, you must be standing on the grounds to use them.

Old Station & Clock

53.720855, -1.853997

ID: YerFaVkfLiouEUsHUBE/qxB9kqzlvdkKlAlvJ+wTRgc=

Wall of Pennies

53.720284, -1.854793

ID: q5p9aINZO+uiBQGstvjZVmUz6qsNACljh0VdhE2wTAg=

Musical Mechanical Fountain

53.720252, -1.854500

ID: y4K8NW0k4K4U8k/53R73+k9KJZ7QXSdY54bqWzDWZRc=

Eureka Children's Museum

53.720135, -1.854873

ID: f4oFflRBD280IOz9c1CcWEtKEr2ae+4QXd/4dnTsKfo=

Archimedes Statue

53.720002, -1.854442

ID: sBAaG6376yoYdJEvdTKrfnTBKSaqKG/39NreM9dBzGM=


53.719802, -1.854495

ID: RVSz34hwOIrFZ292auhXqQ9w5cKu2bfs6Qt17Or4sWE=

Train café

53.719620, -1.854635

ID: ID3o9YuW+k7f8xf7cg8zh2pTK3gRMgsqiGqJUvKyFBo=



  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    One portal per appeal, and you provided no rejection emails either.

    Second, this is a children's museum, but also allows adult attendance (particularly family members). Details can be found on their website:

    Looking over everything, I would treat this like a playground. It may be aimed at children, but it isn't like a school or pre-school where children and adult family members are separated from each other.

    And finally, there is no requirement that a wayspot be accessible to all players or at all times. If you do not have access to a particular wayspot, then be respectful and don't trespass.

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    I apologize, I could not find the submission rules clearly posted.

    I take it this means there is no rule against portals only being accessible once an entry fee is paid? I am assuming that only the museum interior requires a ticket, so the rest is free 'playground access', as you describe.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    Needing to pay to enter an area does not invalidate wayspots in that area. A good example is Disney World. You have to pay, or be employed, to enter, but there are hundreds of wayspots throughout the park.

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