Granted Pokestop didn't come online 》 Granted Ingress Portal isn't online cause it's too close <?>

Title of the Portal: 삼일교회

Location: [Lat/lon or link to Intel Map] It's not online.

It's near,126.992642&z=17&pll=37.47455,126.992642

And here's the Nomination |D: K6SunDQWve/ViK11J1t2JRVCgaH9imxAUNsL/1Iz2p0=

City: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Required if you are appealing an invalid Portal report or an edit]

Photos to support your claim:

It seems there's some error occuring between Pokestop nomination and Ingress Portal nomination.

A Pokemon trainer has nominated and granted 삼일교회 as pokestop, but nothing happened to PokemonGo and Ingress (HPWU too).

What's worse, when Ingress agent nominated and granted the same portal, they said it's granted but too close to existing portal and cannot be come to intel. It's not true since there's nothing existing in that 17 cell.

It seems there's pokestop data didn't come online is still there and interrupting other portals being online.

I'd appreciate if you could look into this case.

There are some other similar cases going on, and it should be checked.

The name if pokestop and portal date is 삼일교회

Users want to know if this is an Unlucky case or just an error.

Brief :

1. Pokestop Nomination granted. But didn't come online on Pokemon Go, Ingress, and HPWU.

2. Ingress Nomination on same church granted. But didn't come online. (Too close to existing portal - even there's nothing nearby)

The Nomination |D: K6SunDQWve/ViK11J1t2JRVCgaH9imxAUNsL/1Iz2p0=

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  • XQlusioNXQlusioN ✭✭✭✭✭

    All wayspots need to be atleast 20m from another, regardless of S2 cells.

    This one was too close and will not go online in any game.

  • Now I see😭 thanks

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    when submitting with ingress If you did not receive a key and AP on the email, the portal wasn't accepted. If it says it's too close, it means it is valid, but will not be added (technically a deny). On pokemon emails you can't be sure if it will be online or not because both messages above are the same, it could be accepted and not be available because the cell things or being to close and not come even on ingress.

  • We had the same situation here. A stop was accepted by Niantic by a PoGo submissions but it didn't appear in any game. The PoGo emails won't tell the player that the are too close they just say that they may not appear in all games.

  • I had a similar but different problem with my first approved portal. It was only approved for ingress and not poGo for some strange reason.

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