Goodbye Andrew



  • Thank you for everything, Andrew @RedSoloCup. It was great working with you.

    We will all miss you, but good luck with your new adventures!

    All the great memories. These are just a few.

    Happy Andrew with blue and green nails. We went to Kyoto together and you did live AMA while getting your nails polished :)

    We went to Erfurt and ran MAG booth for Niantic, did Mission Day, showed Ingress Prime to agents, ran Pokémon GO trading room.

    We went to Camp Navarro, stepping into the Osiris world. That was such a fun event.

    Thank you for coming to Darsana Prime Tokyo anomaly! We ran the anomaly, after party, and went to ENL after after party and RES after after party and yet another after after after party.

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    Two send off beacons for @RedSoloCup from Pacific City Oregon USA with love 💙💚💙💚💙


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    From Indonesia 🙏

  • #MoreBeaconsForAndrew

  • Thanks for working for all Agents!!


  •  #BeaconsForAndrew

  • Thanks, Andrew, for a job that not many would have dared to attempt... A position between the 2 factions of Ingress.

    I respect you for doing it anyway and for doing it with a visible degree of impartiality and most of all a wealth of patience.

    It's only fitting to honour that with two portals, one green, one blue and, of course, to add toast to coffee...

    Farewell and thanks!

  • I guess your a free man now. We will all miss you Andrew @RedSoloCup . I hope your new adventure takes you to new and exciting places...

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