Goodbye Andrew



  • Met in Frankfurt - when you showed around the first glimpses of Prime...

    Thank you for your dedication to ingress and to the community :)

  • @RedSoloCup thank you for all that you’ve done to promote and help guide the Ingress community to a better understanding of what’s to come. We’re all going to miss your AMAs and hope that your future endeavors bring success for you as they have while you were GCM. Good luck and hope to see you again at another Ingress event.

    Unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of when I deployed my Beacon for you. Hope a remote view works just as well. 😂

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    Dear Andrew,

    Now it’s time to say goodbye - although we would be happy if, as a Christmas miracle, you could stay with us a little longer.

    Some of us have met you in person and can assure how great as person you are. Others - like me - certainly would like to have the same opportunity. We are certain that you’ll do a great job anywhere you go the same way you did as Ingress GCM. 

    Thank you very much for everything, and the best of luck to you!


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  • Dear Andrew.

    I had the privilege to be in BTS as one of the last ones before you became Community Manager. Your work at Niantic has been a big positive contribution to the community, regardless of faction. You will be missed!

    Enjoy whatever you next challenge will be. You will not be forgotten.


  • M1chaeIM1chaeI ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for your service once again!

  • Sayonara @RedSoloCup. You'll be missed!

    And how it looks in the fake world ;)

  • Thank you Andrew for all your efforts, I've always admired your balancing act between Niantic and the community and it's been an honor to have been able to tread that razor's edge in the Vanguard program with you.

    I've seen you help players that deserved it and some that maybe didn't. I've seen you take blame for things that weren't your mistakes. And I've seen you speak out against the 'clever' loudmouths who think that if you repeat something often and loud enough it becomes the truth. You leave a challenging void to fill.

    I wish you all the best in the your new challenge!


  • Been playing for 7 years, never heard of this guy.

  • #BeaconsForAndrew

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    To an end of an era.

    This is for you @RedSoloCup. May your future adventures be as insightfull and positive as they have been to our community during all these years. You will be missed by many as GCM. #BeaconsForAndrew

  • KatthKatth ✭✭✭

    Thank you Andrew for everything! Was great seeing you at Mission Day Deventer!

    @Aore @DKCgummiball @Suedschwede

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    Thanks Andrew @RedSoloCup for all your hard work, great service and true dedication for the player community over the years. You were always professional, calm and courteous, yet also funny and laid back when possible. You made sure our agents' concerns were dealt with whenever you could personally influence to fix clear errors. I remember one case particularly well as a POC - we had a family where a child had missed out on his anomaly medal. You fixed the issue and made that kid and his father so happy. All the best to your future endeavours & lots of lasagna!

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    #BeaconsForAndrew #PraiseTheBeard

    Thank you and all the best.

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  • #BeaconsForAndrew

    Greets from Gr33nWolv3rin3 and LoneGreenWolf from Belgium

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    May our paths cross again sometime.


  • Later.

  • AlexCrowRESAlexCrowRES ✭✭✭✭


    Thanks for every efforts you made.

    From Kobe, JAPAN.

  • From Germany


  • Dear Andrew,

    I think I speak for many agents (and maaaaany agents said it before) if I say that we will really miss you in the Niantic team!

    You were an awesome community manager and I wish you the best for your oncoming way! (Sorry for my english! ^^")

    Best wishes


  • Best wishes and good luck.

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    The first time I actually met you in person was in Navarro, our first year of camping. That day started the last three years of asking, mostly jokingly, for new glyphs or glyphs from you for the glyph journal and you took it in strides. I think that says a lot about a person and who you are to us as a community. You listened, you spent time with agents and actually participated in so many of our little requests. You encouraged so many of us to continue our journies here in ingress and better ourselves.

    As a mod to many chats and to lore, you have always been respectful of agents and what they wanted to explore. You may have not been a main character of the lore but anytime agents asked you about lore, you played along as a member of the Niantic project and possibly something more in the Nia, to the point that I know agents pressed you hard at times for information and once again you have always handled it in stride. Theres been times you've made Essex go down many rabbit holes just based on small little clues and again it just showed how much you cared about ALL of the communities.

    You took part in a lot of places. You became a model to what agents like myself wish to accomplish. If there was a way you could help or answer something, you actively tried to do something about it. You joined chats just to see what agents were talking about, just to be around the agents, and to be able to bring our concerns to Niantic. You made sure that you had an understanding of any issue by asking for clarification and having actual discussions with us.

    Andrew you were there for us and you created or participated in creating so many ways for agents to be involved in the growth of ingress. From the vanguards to embedded reporters to BTS. You made so much and you worked with so many people to continue to give to our communities. I personally have had your help with so many different things and have learned so much from you. You will be missed as our community manager but we can not thank you enough for the immense amount of dedication and work you've given our communities!

    Btw I'm still going to bug you for glyphs for the journal if you still play ;)

  • #BeaconsForAndrew

  • My local community uses RedSoloCup as the name for our Anomaly team, because you have taught us about community and fairness, while still keeping the game fun and competitive. You are always welcome on our team! I hope to see you in Munich and many future anomalies.

  • Agents CZRES Teplice also thank ....

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    Thank you for as global community manager, Andrew. My gratitude is Ask Me Anything and Embedded Reporter program.



  • Cu andrew and thx...

  • #BeaconsforAndrew

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