Nominations incorrectly counting down

I started today knowing I had 7 nominations due to renew. When I got to the one that said I had 4 left, it failed to submit multiple times. Usually a second attempt to submit will resolve this issue when I'm at home on home connection. This time it didn't, so I exited the submission, and when I went back in, it said I had 3 submissios available. When I did the one at 2 submissions left, it had a single fail to submit before going in ok, and then I got a "no submissions left" message. So I only got 5 subs in, instead of 7. I've never had the count incorrectly reduce on me before. The one that refused to submit never made it to Wayfarer, and the final sub I got an email for, but after 15 minutes its not in wayfarer (all the rest showed up in 1-2 minutes). So I have emails for 5, and wayfarer shows 4 of the 7 I should have had.

Anyone else had their nomination count drop incorrectly?


  • So, 10 hours after subbing, the first glitch showed up in email and wayfarer. The other one had already duplicated into wayfarer (but only one email) about an hour after subbing.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    I've had that a few times. Nominations taking over a week to get the confirmation email and to show up in Wayfarer.

    I've directly contracted Niantic and gotten them to admit I "lost" a nomination but that there is nothing they can/will do about it. One of them I ended up duplicating, the other I was traveling for so I was glad when it finally showed up in Wayfarer.

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