Level 40 is too low of a bar for reviewing. I have a suggestion.

It's fairly easy for a pogo player to reach level 40. It can be reached by having a large number of 'friend interactions', purchased lucky eggs, and raiding in large groups or even small groups lately. Citation with numbers: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/91okoi/a_brand_new_player_can_hit_level_40_in_3_months/

Having interacted with many players and seeing the quality of submissions, it's not clear to me that most are aware of what a good waystop is and it's more of a means to an end to them (pokeballs, other rewards). Some are confused because they see older portals that wouldn't qualify under the new guidelines (like neighborhood entrance signs). I have yet to see a community form to encourage players on submissions and instead it's been about jamming the S2 cells to make more gyms.

I simply suggest that the pogo players should be qualified based on the unique stops that they visit. 1) it's a badge on their profile (although mine says that I visited ~38000 stops and in ingress I reached 16000 unique visits, that badge must be all 'stop visits'). 2) it would emphasize exploration outside of their area.

Anyway, thanks for listening and good luck in 2020.


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