Pre-reviewing of wayspots

In the blog post Niantic stated that they have taken steps to pre-accept or pre-reject a part of nominations. This follows the PRP trespass lawsuit settlement. Does Niantic have actual employees to do this (especially outside of USA) or is it an automated algorithm that does it?


  • As its niantic I'm guessing they can see everything in the reviewing system from around the world and pre preview everything in it if they wanted to.

    I'm guessing that they have people to do it for them the pre approved UK submissions. There was plenty of people complaining in the UK groups off there rating drops

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think this is just them admitting something OPR reviewers spotted a while back. It seems there are a few 'obvious rejection reason' submissions that never seem to leave the system, It's suspected that they are Niantic plants, and the red/yellow/green system is connected to (or perhaps consists entirely of) giving the correct answers when reviewing them.

  • But are there such submissions in every language? Finnish, Russian, Latvian, Estonian?

  • I suspect that take down notices have geo flagged certain areas as no go and they get auto-rejected

    I know in our local community there is a Church / Day Care which used to be a Pokemon Gym (Church) about 2 years ago

    It vanished in game, and if I try to submit anything around where it used to be it pretty much gets rejected in a day now so I strongly suspect its automatic (too bad because multiple very good Portal candidates here so owner must have complained about random cars in parking lot)

  • That reminds me: there's one submission I've seen come up fairly often in my queue.

    I don't know if it constantly gets rejected for being "too close" to other in-game entities or if it's one of Niantic's 'honeypot' submissions, but in my opinion at least it's an easy 4* across the board with one exception: location.

    And even *that* only drops to 3 stars, because it looks to be inside a public place (a set of town offices, as I recall) with no interior photosphere, just a Street View of the building's exterior.

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