How about combining FS with Mission Days and Hexathlons ?

As it is now, FS is kinda dull.. and for 2020 so far only 1 anomaly announced and its in may first... How about making FS a bigger thing, add external mission days to it and the hexathlons or field tests or whatever and give players more choice to do something that day, wouldnt this be a good idea if almost no anomalies then FS needs expand imo because otherwise where is the fun stuff to do if almost no anomalies ??


  • Interesting thoughts, I’ve done 8 FS’s now and I agree that it’s getting a bit, I wouldn’t say tedious, but repetitive.

    To combat this I’m PoCing in February and at the events I’ve been to, I’ve been focusing on different challenges, whether it’s been specialising on one of the tracked stats or trying to beat by record for AP, that has kept my interest up, that and building on my badge.

    With Anomalies, it seems like Niantic is licking their wounds after Umbra and scaling back so the can do better with future anomalies. I’ve never been to one and have Recharged since Abbadon Prime, I was hoping for a UK anomaly but alas no joy.

    The Field Test of the Hexalathon was fab, really enjoyed it and since it had Niantic working on a system, I really saw the value and would happily chip in £10 for the running of the day.

    I’m yet to do a mission day, as they’ve only been at anomaly sites, I’m hoping for one in my country in the near future.

    In terms of a blend of the existing events, the Hexalathon seems to be a blend of a First Saturday and an anomaly already.

    I hope that Mission Day applications are opened and they’re able to be a bit more mainstream, with the amount of banners I tend to do on a First Saturday, having a Misson Day incorporated or the day after, could be a fun step forward.

  • Organisers can expand and add to their events to make them more fun.

    If you're not already using it, I'd suggest using the auto score sheet with your event. I have a few plans to make things really exciting in the new year using the form and sheet. One example I tested at my last event was to split everyone into cross faction teams and put them through a mini anomaly which required some really interesting and new strategies, see

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    okay i never heard of a FS event adding more ? not sure that works? dont see anything on the FS page that u can have more stuff besides that....

  • FS events are run by the community, for the community. As long as all the minimum requirements are met, organizers can add what they like on to it to make it more fun. A common thing is to record a few extra stats for prizes, but yeah I'm hoping to make it easier to expand further soon.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've personally added an additional challenge stat to previous FS's that I've been to (not as a POC). If it can be auto scored with a sheet vs me doing it, I'd do it more often. I believe I gave away a couple of the old style NL Van cards with working codes as well as the Akira Character card (and working code). I know I've given away gear for a prior FS a very long time ago as well. I usually just choose a stat based on the last Onyx badge I picked up and I don't tell anyone what the stat is until day of, just prior to the event. That way no one gets any advanced chance to do better than someone else.

    When I travel to other areas, I've seen giveaways of a $10 gas card for the agent who traveled the furthest to the event, and other fun stuff.

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