enhancement: better badge sorting

currently badges are sorted into two sections, "anomalies" and "everything else". i'd like to see them sorted into four sections, "anomalies", "characters", "frozen", and "active". i'd also like to see a visual cue showing separation between sections.

here is a "before&after" example.

"anomalies" and "characters" are what you would expect. "frozen" badges are those which cannot be advanced. this would include various challenge badges, and year badges, as well as sunset badges like "verified", "seer", "guardian", and "recruiter". the last section, "active", would include anything i can continue to advance (including onyx badges; counters continue to increment regardless of whether or not i'm recursed).

here i've used a thin white line as a visual cue separating sections.

this would let agents easily scan down to the active section so they can see what they still need to work on, rather than having to hunt through a jumble of different kinds of badges.


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