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Hi, if now a business with high historical and cultural tourist relevance is a valid candidate despite being a business, a temporary candidate with the same requirements should earn the same status, obviously depending on the type of temporariness

es. a Christmas tree that is decorated every year and placed in the town square obviously disappears and remains invalid.

But a place that instead earns the title of "Santa's House", which continues a tradition that has lasted since 1982 (and has therefore been repeated every year for 37 years), which ends up on TV and internet newspapers, which has its own google maps (4,6 / 5 with 1200+ votes), with its own website, which is a strong point of the city, as well as a real meaning of hidden gem, which is decorated for a month but which however remains known and a point that you would let a friend know or visit, when active, it should also become valid, right?

Following the niantic help site, the instant 1 * waste only goes for living things and photos of third parties, therefore for all other situations there is a bonus / malus scale to use and if it is positive to give the number of stars corresponding?

In this case, although it has a "temporariness" (even if I saw it while it is not active, it would still be useful to mark it and pass it when the time is right, I heard that a portal is valid if accessible at least once a year .. is not such a thing?) is however a point of interest more than valid as a hidden gem, which shows the specialties of the city as well as being a place of importance recognized by the same municipality that is forced to change the traffic conditions for the influx of visitors also foreigners, and of historical importance that has been going on for 37 years.

Tell me yours or how to ask Niantic herself this question, because according to the latest AMA this seems to me a situation similar to many others that are now considered valid, yet without an official go-ahead it may still be unrecognized.

What most of all makes me want something like this is to see how low quality the portals are becoming in the surroundings ... swings, toys, and other really really irrelevant things ... while for stupid quibbles not yet explained I can't see something really worthy of attention .. is it a joke? POIs should be points of interest not the first thing that happens under fire ... help me understand if it is my wrong reasoning or if maybe niantic could give us a more in-depth answer about it


  • they do disambiguate with including that man-made a marker or sign is eligible. If the location of the Christmas tree is marked as the official location of said tree, ..i'd think it would qualify.

  • If the Santa House is a structure that remains in place all year, even if the decorations change, then it should not be marked as seasonal. If the structure is torn down and rebuilt every year then it is ineligible.

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