Removal of portal appeal

A local player keeps reporting legitimate portals to be removed and it’s starting to annoy a load of ingress and Pokémon players he is really spiteful as he has been banned multiple time on ingress and Pokémon for multiple accounts and spoofing yet finds it funny to get portals removed just to annoy other players

this is not the first portal he has removed and I’m sure it won’t be the last but this is a legitimate portal and I believe it should be reinstated


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    I looked as the Street View and cannot find the object at coordinates 52.55298343604641, 0.10322175004782917. But looking at the cul-de-sac, it looks like it was removed for being on private residential property. I did not see any other photosphere in the cul-de-sac either.

  • It’s in the marked alleyway, I couldn’t get coordinates for that exact location, just close to it

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    Then it is very likely on private residential property, or at the very least there isn't any evidence to suggest that it is not. Niantic will remove portals if they appear to be on private residential property. Therefore, you will need to present photographic evidence that shows that it is clearly not on private residential property.

  • That is the exact coordinates of the portal in question

  • Anyone from niantic going to respond?

  • And it’s been requested again, accepted by OPR and removed again? 😂 really?

  • That is DEFINITELY a valid portal!

    Bike Marker

    In a bike road..... (Post at the bottom of the last picture confirms that it is a bike right-of-way)

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  • @NianticKN seems to be the Portal Appeal Warrior at present from what I have seen...but as agreed above it looks like a paid portal that I would pass in my local area and it's also on a public footpath and not private property so it shouldn't be removed.

    What is needed on @NianticOfficial 's side however is a record of these "possible" bogus accounts that are doing the reporting and get it all checked and see if it can be matched up to the banned players account(s) to which the banned players submitted portals should also be removed as a result of this allowing genuine players to recreate it.

    However...I would say that when a portal is suggested to be removed I assume that it goes in to a queue to be reviewed by not only niantic but also official Wayfarer/OPR reviewers as well in the same way as a new portal is reviewed with a good resolve rate.

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    Looks like a good portal

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    @NianticKN c'mon no sleeping on the job😁,your not a part time superhero/supervillain it looks like an ideal portal on a public footpath that many users daily would walk past going through a housing estate...evidence suggests the object exists and has been removed in spite and Intel map confirms this from my side.

  • Looks like a good portal, should be return and guy who reported should be ban.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

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    Wow. I honestly can't understand how you can retire this portal. The pictures makes it totally legit.

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