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  • I know the word hint with letter H... my point (or question) is if there is going to be a difference in passcode format for further decoding challenges, since we already know the three of them so far share the same preffix character count followed by a keyword with no difference in suffix, NIA could make it harder who knows...

  • It's easy to find, you just have to know the name of the algorithm related to what you see in the paragraph.

    The way this algorithm works has been described here already and if you have strong focusing calculation skills you could get it with pen and paper.

    I have done it manually but a few of them were wrong at first so my recommendation is to use the "algorithm calculator" to get the numbers right. If you been decoding the previews archetypes you'll notice half of the passcode right away, which characters remain as letters and wich ones as numbers.

    Remember x#xxxxKEYWORD##xx

  • I have the 15/16 numbers but... Nothing more 🤣

    With i02nmaee60gimhe maybe a year, some words but... Non sense for me 🤣

  • @InDaHausSBU i02nmaee60gimhe is useless if you already have the "15" char string, keep going.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Nothing missing, 16 char enough to find

    Once you have solved it take another look at the txt, you will see the numbers bold as day

  • I'm already exhausted from trying and don't find a tip for the method. I've tried subtracting repeated characters between words, I've tried using 13AR from the end and trying to find a pattern and can't find anything, I've tried to transform the number of characters into numbers and subtract. can someone give me a clue what is the method of decoding?

  • Got it!!

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Guess? Where is the guess work??

    You either have numbers or numbers and left over letter, either way it's the same thing...

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    Stating something as a fact doesn't make it a fact by the way.





    To rebuke or reprimand

    Doesn't say anywhere that one can't chastise in question format. But feel free to make yourself feel better.

    Happy Holidays

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    I had to read and try every last hunch I got from every last hint until page 7 until finally when I googled a hint it actually led me to the right thing and a "parser" that spat out my number string. I had pages and pages of trying to make systems of the words, so mislead by the concepts of suffixes. Trying to figure this one out using brain brawn. Trying to turn the letters to numbers, trying out counting all kinds of things and adding and removing, I always knew they were wrong because they would not produce the 13ar key. Exited when I realized the right engine produced 13ar at the end so it had to be right.

    This concept for the solution is extremely obscure, and a bit hard to understand so that you would be able to do it correctly by hand. I would never have figured this out in a month of doing only this without the hints. I don't think I saw the concept in any of the decoder sites, and I tried so many of them! I've seen rivers of gibberish!

    The other challenges were more satisfying and nudging. At least I've seen bar codes before, and the audio was fun with all the steps and flipping to a sonogram and all that, this one had none of the puzzle elements. Or... I guess it would be a step by step task if you knew the concept and decided to to it by hand - and I realize now that some here actually have done that.

    It's true what they say, when you find the right tool for this one it takes less than 10 minutes to complete, simple and straight forward and kind of a let down. The real struggle is sadly not to actually figure out what is going on and using it to piece together the password, but googling like crazy until you stumble on a machine that does everything for you. Only now, after solving, I understand the hint down on the left side. It's a nice hint, I wish I understood it before I found the right engine. The one to the right totally leads nowhere, anagram of that was a stupid rabbit hole because one of them was computer/algorithm/system related. I'm looking forward to see afterwards someone explain where that one lead and how it would have helped me.

    I would say that the people who have the knowledge og brains for working out this by them selves did not even read past page 1 until they got it, and for ALL US OTHERS - just stop trying to find the right numbers by hand and get to really googling all the hints to find the differences.

    Now I am finally happy I went the <distance>.

  • Finally solved it! Hint for the people who haven't solved it yet the bottom right corner is a huge hint how to solve the puzzle. Good luck everyone!

  • Solved it! So yeah, that bottom right text is a major hint. Look throughout the comments for hints on how to unscramble it. Once you're confident you know what it says, Google it and explore further until you find a name and then google or read further into that name until you find an associated algorithm method. If you Google that method along with the word calculator, you can use it to get the correct values you are looking for. After that, it just becomes a matter of knowing the correct length and positioning of the numbers and letters for the code, which can also be determined from the previous comments, Good luck! This puzzle was tougher for me than the previous two.

  • Guess because the last character appears with no logic: "We have a 5 character preffix uhhhhh we need one more because the last passcode formats says so.... uhhh let's pretend we have a "hidden" word in front of "this" character and put it in the algorith"... YEP, that'll work. 😑

  • After V.L. nothing to do but I have "13AR".

    If the VL numbers are positions, zombie and abaddon does not meet the criteria.

    Ascii, anagram, vigenere, etc, all failures.

    Me right now: 🤯😵

  • well, I give up, done everything but still blind like someone said, thanks for the clues btw and happy holidays!!!

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    need to pay attention, when inputting everything in lowercase letters. then you can enjoy your holiday... Capital letters make the calculations incorrect

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    Finally got it. Only slowed down due to doing everything early in the morning and getting it wrong. Here's a culmination of all the hints I can give:

    1. Vladimir I. L. has the answer. Richard W. H. was close but missing one key element
    2. Bottom left = 12/16/19
    3. Bottom right = method hint
    4. Case matters 'A' != 'a'
    5. The numbers are obvious in their positions


    This was much harder than the other two. The other two were very much something I already know about or have some background information about but this one, even though I'm a CS student, had a lot of issues with.

  • 9 pages of comments before I even saw the new puzzle, I didn't find a helpful clue until page 7. A lot of earlier clues gave me misleading google results. Was able to solve it quickly once pointed in the right direction. I'm a complete noob when it comes to decoding and appreciate all the clues. Looking back I can see how the clues were trying to be helpful., but were actually misleading without more information.

    Looking forward to the next one, hoping I may be able to solve one without clues from the forum.

    I find the trickiest part is not knowing types of decoding and their names.

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    Edit: removed unrelated comment (no delete option)

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    I'm sorry I still don't understand what was guessed?

    And 'word' is rather misleading :(

  • As someone who is still new to these challenges, this took a lot more googling and finagling and staring at the picture til I figured out what I needed to do than I'm comfortable admitting.

    The final bit of this puzzle took the longest for me. Its always the simple stuff that gets a way from you.

    A few cryptic hints:

    • The bottom right IS a hint, be creative to find out how. Decoding it doesn't directly solve this, but it puts you in the right mindset. Its possible to stumble on the decoding method without understanding this.
    • There are words in the background that are hints, Image editing software to change the contrast and brightness helps you read it.
    • The bottom left is not a red herring at all, you just need to b elieve.
    • Google is your friend.

    Good luck agents

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    Thanks, one number was wrong 😅 but still at the same point.

    My knowledge about encryption are none or less 🤣


  • Wait, if you already know what VL is you just had to use the algorithm and you're almost done.

    What does the algorithm do?, did you see it has a correlation with the paragraph?, how many words are there?, how many numbers you need?, you need numbers first and the algorithm will do the work, pay attention.

    Last part of the passcode string (suffix) has been given already and then you need to be familiar with Ingress' lore to catch the keyword.

    Preffix is the trickiest part and if you took note of the clues and format passcode for this particular archetype the process is complete.

  • I think i have the correct VL numbers (thank you @MarkJairo) since 2 days ago 😅 (till my last message 14, 15 of 16 now, thanks @RushdieRR) because the suffix is there 😅 (thank you @maurirrai too) but the keyword is like a chameleon and the preffix a invisible unicorn 🤣

    For the 16th number (i think the first actually) there is a word in the background that could be it but even with that i still have the chamaleon and the unicorn waiting for my stupidity 🤣


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    Spot on. This, and several other really good clues in this thread. But this helped me solve that blasted evil prefix.

    FWIW: I have no idea what EITHER of the "clues" at the bottom of the image mean :/

    Also also: i still havent solved that first archetype puzzle 😓

  • Please, someone **** me!!!

    2 days with the wrong passcode because to 2 stupid errors typing 2 words at VL. @RushdieRR showed me the first error, @Miikuuu showed 5 min ago the second (1000 gracias compañero!!!).

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