Do OPR/Wayfarer decisions from the AMAs and Ingress Forums apply to Non-Ingress Wayfarer Reviewers?

There's been a lot of people on places like Discord, Facebook, Reddit, etc who Review nominations in Wayfarer who gained access through Pogo. It's not uncommon to see many people argue that because certain rulings and decisions on candidate were made in the days if OPR, or made on Ingress forums, that they do not apply to Pogo reviewers.

Some examples can be found in this reddit thread: With Specific examples of these arguments here and here

I was hoping we could get some clarification from the Wayfarer team, if someone like @NianticCasey or @RedSoloCup could make contact and ask. Especially since with no AMAs or anything since Pokemon Go players have gotten access to Wayfarer, there's still a lot of confusion for some people about this.


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    “There is only one Niantic”

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    Heh. I reviewed that little free library. It was actually a duplicate, mis-located by several blocks to be in a yard. I flagged it as abuse.

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    Third paragraph in the Wayfarer check in on the blog has your answer. Plans to expand/clarify answers. (Yes, you are correct to refer to previous AMAs or the response by Niantic in this forum to justify an answer but no the people you're arguing with won't listen to you.)

    It's the Holidays. There is a new feature in pogo, 2 events in HPWU and an event in Ingress. I think they might be busy.

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    It could be interpreted that way, but a lot of bad-faith actors (like timerciock used to do) are going to deliberately ignore that and spread more misinformation, and I'd like a more concrete statement saying "yes, old clarifications/judgements from OPR/Ingress apply to Pogo reviewers"

  • To be fair, there will always be people who will deliberately ignore anything to further their own agenda, regardless of how explicit Niantic makes the rules.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agreed, but I like having something to shut their stuff down right away so it doesn't influence other people who aren't acting in bad faith, but just are a bit unknowledgeable.

  • Can't argue with that.

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    I really hope they answer this but I doubt it will help with those two users. I've seen them pop up with that attitude a lot on Reddit and they're unfortunately not alone, just the most aggressive.

  • considering there are blogs .....and reddits... and Twitter feeds... all dedicated to horrible portal/waystop subs... the whole agents v trainers pettiness is tired and hypocritical...🙄

    some people don't read guidelines no matter how, when or where they r updated [wayfarer posts eligibility updates in the help menu] I get to see stops/portals that predate the wayfare system like; a photo of just black or a Taco Bell named "the ringing bell" 😶...idk why wayfarer does not include some duplicates between systems, why they don't have info pop ups upon opening like both games with update announcements or why one of my accepted nominations does not show up as a portal or stop [why accept at all?] 🤨

    I read and follow the guidelines for review and subs...but I can't control anyone else...🤷‍♀️ I suggest we just play the games 😘

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