What is a lexicon hexathalon?

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Dear Niantic,

I am not a professional event promoter but I have done it before. One of the first things in event promotion is telling your attendees what they are attending.

Before I invest time and resources into attending an event, what exactly is a lexicon hexathalon? Do I need to bring a dish to share? Is there a dress code? Will there be free parking?



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    A hexathlon is an event in which different sub-events take place throughout a specific playbox (area of or an entire city) and the winners are judged based on what is done during the event. Most, if not all, sub-events involve in-game facets of Ingress. Past hexathlons have involved placing resonators, distance walked, etc. during the event. The 'Lexicon' part refers to a unique name given to the events, related to the current story-side of Ingress (seen in The Investigation forum threads) and does not really have much significance in itself, unless you are involved in the story (Nemesis and the Tessellation).

    Further details on ALL event types available at https://ingress.com/events/event-details

  • Totally agree

  • Lexicon is the name of the font that the event is for, like Umbra or Avenir.

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