Fannying about (efficient and fun microfielding)

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I have a method of microfielding and fan fielding I call "fannying about" (British slang for messing about). I usually do this along a portal dense road: Go along capturing and hacking 9 portals, collecting at least 1 key from each portal. From the 9th portal link back to the other 8 portals. Then go back to the beginning trying to make the most efficient layered fields from the links you made. The layering feels a bit like playing Tetris.

This is a lot faster than collecting keys for two anchors, which I used to do. It's also more interesting because if you start at a different portal each time you have to make very different layers.

Finally, this is quite a time-efficient way to gain AP. Capping, deploying, linking and fielding 9 portals yields just over 36k AP, and can be done in about 15-20 minutes. There's even more AP if you have to **** the portals first.

Once you've built the full set of fan fields you could either add layers from one side or the other, or you can continue down the same road and do the same with the next 9 portals.


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    English player 57Cell (Michael Hartley) on YouTube mentioned fan-fielding as a efficient method of gaining AP, and it is, but in the preservation of time, microfielding by linking to the nearest portals requires the least effort and least amount of keys. I've done it both ways.

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    I watched that video, and it is very efficient. What I've described is simply a way of implementing it "on the fly".

    Linking to the nearest portals without creating layers is fast but inefficient in terms of AP/hour. Just check your AP, do a method for an hour, and see how much AP you get. Then try another method and see what you get in an hour. Layering, no matter whether in a fan field or from a standard baseline, is about getting more fields from your portals.

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    I used to do a speed circular lap around my deskie, which I had copious amounts of keys for, and see how quickly I could link and triangle it all up. If i did it every day by the end of the week I generally had enough keys that I didn't have to Glyph and could manage 12 fields inbound in around 8 minutes. Used to also try to do it without stopping walking.

  • If you are familiar with linking to two anchors, there is another way of building such layered field.

    Find 7 portals in one line. Connect every next portal to the previous one.

    Go to the first anchor and throw links to every portal (+6 fields).

    Go to the second anchor and link to the first anchor, then the farthest portals, then down the line. + 13 fields.

    You'll need 3 keys from each portal in line and 1 key from the first anchor. 19 fields can be done in literally 10 minutes in some dense areas. But you also might need some heat sinks though; some portals are reeeally reluctant to give their keys 😈

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    There're a couple of very densely packed streets in Southampton walking round and round them for a couple of hours is usually enough for a few hundred thousand AP. I've used them for levelling up purposes a few times

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