Wayfarer Ratings (Green/Red) Tracking by IP / location information?

So, I found this recently and have been watching it every few days. When I'm at home, my Wayfarer status shows me as red. At work, it shows me at green. Same stats. This seems...strange. So, does it track me as my home IP and decides that I'm a bad reviewer because I don't like pictures of people's living rooms and such? Does it track my work IP because I often do more reviews at lunch, at work, than I do at home, so there is more data to pull off my reviews from that IP location?

Below are screen shots taken from yesterday (12.17.2019 in the afternoon and evening (home is the top one, work is the bottom one). Oddly, my home one shows upgrade 90% while the work one is upgrade 89% with the same, unchanged stats.

I haven't reviewed any nominations since 12.11.2019.

I have one account, my Ingress one. I play pogo super casual and am not L40, so it doesn't play into this at all.

I have to sign into Wayfarer site each time, so it shouldn't be any issues with it being open in multiple locations in multiple browsers.

I've cleared my cache for both browsers at both locations more than once.

I use Chrome (most current stable version at both locations).

Only other difference that I can think of, is that at home I'm using Windows 7 Pro, and work is Windows 10 Enterprise

Has anyone else seen any issues like this?



  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    Possibly you have some sort of adblock/script blocking installed at home that's preventing the animation from rendering.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Today at home I'm green. Only difference in my stats is that I've had a Nomination Duplicated, which apparently doesn't count towards total nominations reviewed (booo). I still haven't done a single review since

    @Rostwold Nothing should be blocking nianticlabs.com or any of their known domain names. If they have a server that has a blacklisted IP somewhere, I can't do anything that, as it would be actually blocked and not even load.

    The red with the bar all the way to the left shows the same if I load up a Win10 Virtual Machine on my home PC (as of last night). Today thought, apparently I'm green again.

  • Definitely a visual glitch on your end.

  • ummm that bar has nothing to do with ur location...its a marker of ur reviewing ...too many disagreements..too many rejections...abuse detected...my friend didnt review much and had a lower rating...it could b a defect...I review in many locations and even when I travel and have never been below green 🤷‍♀️ I find it incredibly off that u have over 4000 reviews and only 5 agreed duplicates...

  • here is some actual passive agressiveness... look up the definition of "passive aggressive "

    I was only disagreeing with the location statement and then my objective opinion per niantic statement on the wayfarer profile...with possible reasons...

    my comment about the duplicate counter...unless the original poster has not reviewed much at all since November..that number is still seems quite low...I only have 605 reviews and so far 26 duplicate agreements...and all agreements passively increase while not actively reviewing as more people agree with ur evaluation

  • ZaltysZaltys ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019

    I'm at 95 duplicates. But the OP clearly said that they haven't reviewed 'any nominations since 12.11.2019', which explains the low count.

  • Did you even read the first post? He knows that the bar indicates and was puzzled by a visual glitch that made him think he was in a different status depending on where he logged in. Also, as others said already, duplicates weren't counted independently on OPR, so that comparison to total reviewed is irrelevant.

  • ...and wayfarer was released before that...5 duplicates is very low which is all I was commenting on and could b not many reviews between wayfarer release and 12-11-2019 which would cause low status or the agreement s were low... since the OP did not mention the amount of reviews done prior to that date it is inconclusive

  • I did read it...fully... and the OP asked if it was a visual glitch or if reviews took IP into account in reviewer rating...

    considering there is not definitive proof of a visual glitch.. just confident responses that it is [unless the defect has been logged and reported it is at best speculation] also reviewer rating is not calculated by location but by the ratio of agreements and a simple reviewing test [i have reviewed at multiple locations] I gave my subjective opinion concerning options of what caused this [which included a visual defect] I do not know why my response has been met with hostility... in my OR...in which I did not intend in any negative way, I was giving an answer to a question [not THE answer, just AN answer] and then noting an odd discrepancy between the total reviewed amount and a stat listed on the screenshot that could b affected by multiple factors...all of which would need to b confirmed by the OP and not by 3rd parties...

    I feel that my response was met with unnecessary recrimination but anyone disagreeing has that perogative...please at least have the courtesy of not inaccurately assigning tone or intent to my OR

  • Your response makes it even clearer that you missed something. He posted 2 pictures, one seeming to be rated with red and not loaded correctly, and another with green rating. Both were HIS ratings, with the same numbers. The only difference on his end was the place/device used to review, so he was wondering what had caused the discrepancy.

    Your response explaining how ratings work was completely off topic and indicated you completely overlooked details relevant to his question.

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