Where can I use this code?

Hello, thanks for seeing this question :)

I am an immature Ingress agent(L6).

I got an email by Ingress, and a code was written in it.

I am a Japanese, so I cannot show you it written in English, so I am sorry for it(And I may not speak English well...).

Then, I want to know how to use the code, so please tell me where to use it.

(A part of the email)

Sentence translated in English:

Prepare for Fight

Have you prepared for fight with your fellows?

Enter the code below to receive the special Supporter Kit.

Sorry in my ugly English.


  • If you are using Android:

    Go to the shop in the Ingress app, scroll down to "passcode" enter the code there

    If you are either iOS or Android:

    Go to intel.ingress.com and there should be a passcode box in the upper right corner

  • XQlusioN, I got it! Thanks a lot!!!!

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