More mission submissions please?

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Could we have an increase on the number of missions we are allowed to submit? I had to withdraw several missions in order to make a banner for an upcoming First Saturday event.



    you can simply ask other players to submit it. for events it is possible solution, every L7 agent can submit missions...

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    Asking another agent to submit is not really a good solution. Planning out a good pathway for a large banner takes a lot of effort and experience to do right. I have gotten my son to submit a mission for me, but I was in the room with him and able to explain the best path, etc.

    Then there's the issue of being able to edit the mission later. Sometimes new portals come in that could improve the missions, but if someone else submits the missions for you it's harder to get those edits made. Even with the example of the mission my son submitted for me, it's been hard to coordinate a time to make an edit I think is needed.

    @ntzz it would be very unfair to give more missions based on the number of agents who complete the missions, because that would give an advantage to people who make missions in large cities.

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    @Pangarban And? What is the problem?

    if you spend more time doing a job like searching or doing a good image for a banner, creating a good route.... why don't give him a bit more value?

    There is too much difference between a banner with 1-2 lines with bad words than a good picture and 7-8 lines...

    Also, if you create such a good banners in villages o small cities, that Agents goes to get this and make some turism.

  • xMhysaxMhysa ✭✭

    Totall cap of 150 missions looking good for me.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Working together for large mission banners have been done like this forever. Seems like as long as you communicate and coordinate with each other, this will work fine.

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    I can say I have done both of those .. crossed warning tape to hit a non-portal beach waypoint in a banner at high tide with super big waves, and had to wander around inaccessible areas for an hour trying to hit a non-portal waypoint. 1000% agree with Morganza that increasing the radius for field trip waypoints is a very good idea to increase agent safety, particularly as what was once safe may no longer be.

  • Just wanted to add my 2p to this. More submissions. Not for me, I've done none, but for the people producing high quality banners and then pulling them to create more. I'd happily donate my 150 to the people I know are making the quality banners if I could. Me submitting on their behalf just isn't feasible or supportable, short or long term, plus they deserve the credit.

  • AkceptorUAAkceptorUA ✭✭✭✭

    How about paid submission?

  • Unfortunately, the field trip waypoints are going away soon. We aren't going to get any updates to how these work.

  • I'd even pay for more mission slots after the first 150.

  • +1

    we need more missions to submit more FS banners and more other banners, we are creating user content to keep ingress being interesting to old and new players.

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