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Category: Portal Removal Appeal

Title of the Portal: Insectenhotel

Location: 50.975446 4.971208

City: Scherpenheuvel

Country: België

Unsure of reason for removal, was approved in Niantic Ingress after a submission on last year May , 2019, Noticed it's removal from Ingress on December 17, 2019. There is a user in the Pokemon Community that reports " Insectehotel " because they don't believe should be allowed and too for personal reason, even though they are approved by Niantic (and the overall community through Wayfarer and Ingress". The insectenhotel is on the grounds of the public Community Center - which does not cater specifically to problems to the people, but have events for the entire community. This insectenhotel meets criteria and should be a waypoint.



  • even if some place caters to the public the non playing public or owners/managers can still request removal. We had a gym at a local museum removed by its management to discourage "loitering " churches and parks have also been removed for similar reasons

  • Note, Niantic will not review this if you don't put it in the Appeals forum.

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