Hypothesis: Remote nomination (slow) VS. Live Nomination (fast) - Voting Priority

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Hello. I am an Ingress (RES) L13 agent, and also a Pokémon Go (MYS) L40 trainer.

As you know, being registered in both games with the same email address, in Wayfarer my accounts are merged.

In the region where I am the portals are scarce, so I make discoveries every day. I usually take several photos and save them in my gallery to order them later through Ingress "remotely", and sometimes with Pokémon Go "in live" (very rarely, I try to avoid sending with PGO, since I like to discover portals with Ingress) .

I have noticed that my "live" submits are much faster than "remote" submits. Have you noticed anything similar? Will Niantic prioritize for some reason the "live" requests? Should remote nominations go through more assessments before they are approved? Or is it that the nominations of Pokémon Go have more priority than those of Ingress?

In the last days I have done the test. The "live" nominations have entered the vote long before the "remote" ones, which are still in queue.


  • It seems to be that maybe niantic are using the same system as what redacted used with a few tweaks for pogo. Hopefully one day prime will work on making the system as fast as redacted once was. It's the only things I miss.

  • I tend to do all my submits "remotely" as it gives me more time to accurately create descriptions.

    That said: I don't see any difference between live and remote submits.

    All enter in voting in 2-3 days after submit and get an answer 1-2 days later.

  • Lol I didnt mean how long it stays in the queue for sorry just ment the submission leaving my phone.

    Redacted when sent didnt ever have a problem. It was like a bully looking for lunch money. Would be sent no matter how bad my signal was etc.

    Prime is just to soft I feel that if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction it wont send and I'll have to wait.

    Only good thing about remote nominations is I can do from home on wifi.

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    This is false. I remote submit 99% of the time and it is dependent on the area. I am seeing the same as @XQlusioN 3 days in queue to 1-2 days for answer. some older submissions stuck. Nice love disagreements when I do my remote submissions to clean descriptions and make sure locations are accurate so it is spot on and not off under tree cover. I am being honest it doesn't matter onsite or offsite. I did onsite submissions and offsite back in november still stuck in voting. So I guess we just throw disagreements because each scenario doesn't fit everyone but I am being honest my submissions don't have a noticeable difference. I constantly have upgrades therefore it doesn't matter for upgrades. What matters is if you upgrade or not along with the amount of people submitting/voting. So if you don't vote or earn upgrades it will take longer. Location of submitting does not matter. Also the queue is last in first out for the most part. You vote on newest submissions working your way backwards. It isn't the oldest in first out. It really depends if x amount of people get the submission in a certain amount of time before x amount of new submissions push it further back.

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