TESSERA Round 5 - Who Killed Devra Bogdanovich?

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Truthseekers, the Tethered Hand said they kept their word, a new Tessera and its clue is out in the wild now. They have already left the clue somewhere most of us has been to today.

Where might that be?



I've received tip that there are happenings in India that are preventing some Agents from retrieving the Tessera. The Tethered Hand acknowledged the Tessera will still be in it's location till Dec 23rd, which I gather, seems to be a week from its initial drop. To ease a part of your concerns, the retreiving of this Tessera probably will not affect the discovery of another. So please be mindful of your own safety above all else, and do not proceed until it is secure for you to reach it. Truthseekers, you are more important than any membrane out there.


Congratulations to both factions for retrieving this Tessera! Your verification would come in after all of Round 5 has been retrieved.

The Tethered Hand made an extension as respect for the Resistance Discoverers that overcame their local traveling difficulties. To reward the Enlightened Discoverer, for their promptness, Tethered Hand has also granted them the priority to make placement predictions for this Tessera. All of your efforts are much appreciated.

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