Nominations completely broken since Mid October 2019

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My local area (NR02-GOLF-08) is experiencing a huge problem since around mid October. None of our wayspot nominations ever receive a response.

Here's a summary of what I personally have observed:

  • My first submission was on May 15th (upgraded), accepted on May 23rd
  • Any further upgraded nomination received a response within between 3 and 8 days
  • I have yet to see a non-upgraded nomination receive a response, literally none of them have been getting an answer so far
  • The very last upgraded nomination that received a response was submitted on October 20th and was accepted on October 24th
  • No further upgraded nominations ever received a response since this day, upgrades have seemingly completely stopped working
  • Edit requests of titles, descriptions, locations as well as additional photos are still working fine and receive a response within 4 to 14 days without fail
  • About 20 km north of our area, players are receiving responses for new nominations within 2 weeks without using an upgrade
  • In over 4,000 reviews on Wayfarer I only ever saw 10 nominations from nearby locations (< 30 km)
  • I have about 2,750 agreements with a green rating
  • 32 of my own nominations are currently waiting for a response, 7 of them have been upgraded since Oct 11th:
  •  June: 9 nominations waiting (3 upgrades)
  •  July: 5 nominations waiting
  •  August: 3 nominations waiting (3 upgrades)
  •  October: 2 submissions waiting
  •  November: 8 nominations waiting (1 upgrade)
  •  December: 5 nominations waiting

In my region Pokémon GO nominations launched on June 6th. Wayfarer was launched on October 11th for Ingress players, and on October 18th for Pokémon GO players.

I'm not the only one whose nominations are completely stuck. Everyone in my area is facing the same problem.

Is there any way to reach out to Niantic other than Ingress in-game support? Twitter support didn’t respond and in-game support gave no helpful answer.


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  • Where do you live?

    But ****, they aren't going to help you because no one from Niantic reads shite here.

    Your cell probably crossed the 700 portal threshold and now you're a big city and have to wait years to get any responses.

  • In my city, all newly submitted nominations (after Wayfarer launched) receive a response within a few days or at least 1-2 weeks. I still have submissions (from Ingress prime) pending from February to September 2019. Those are in the same city as all nominations from PoGo players that are worked on really fast, but nothing happens to my old nominations.

    The Ingress support assured several times, that all my submissions (22 "in queue", 5 "in voting") are NOT in limbo state, but since Wayfarer launched I have yet to receive a response for any of them. Several other Ingress players report the same. Because of that we all stopped the reviewing of new nominations because we don't really get a reward for that. Even if we receive an upgrade, it's worthless using it for all our old nominations.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Similar, @YvaineXc2

    9 active upgrades. Several nominations have been upgraded for a month, some active in voting for months with a recent upgrade assigned but still aren't going anywhere.

    I've stopped reviewing. No sense me helping move other nominations along and getting more useless upgrades that don't actually do anything.

  • To my surprise I just got a nomination accepted that I submitted 3 weeks ago. I have about 10 nominations in queue from between 6 and 8 months ago. Why is my newest nomination accepted so quickly? Will the others ever come through, or should I just submit them again? They are all in the same city. The one that just got accepted is very close to some other portals, so that can't be it.

  • Oh, I'm living in a rural area, but there are three major cities in the same cell which are Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen:

    Thanks everyone for the comments, I understand we're not the only ones experiencing this problem. I would really appreciate if someone from Niantic (maybe @NianticCasey?) would have time to investigate, or even give advice what we can do. Many of us are devoting much of our free time to reviewing already, and lately it does begin to feel fruitless since our upgrades have become completely useless. 😔

  • Not sure about the 700 portals in the cell. As far as I know my cell has over 1000-1500 portals. And we have differents issues. I have found out that If I subbmit several on a park that is already over 30-35 portals, nominatios in that park take so long to process, 3-4 weeks, even with upgrade they took about a week to process. Nominations outsite that park take 1-2 weeks. Some of them are approved few days later, but in my cell I am for sure that we have many reviews from Ingress and now from pogo.

  • Do you know any PoGo submitters?

    I have both an Ingress and PoGo account. I've noticed something happen in the past few weeks that an upgraded Ingress nomination doesn't go into voting for days if not longer. PoGo upgraded nominations go into voting within hours.

    I reported this here, but as I said in my first post, who do we expect to respond?

    Niantic are shite developers who refuse to acknowledge any problems and they never **** communicate because they have no excuses besides their ineptitude.

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