Funeral Homes as POIs

I've reviewed at least two of these, my feeling is that these should never ever ever be in the games. People go here to pay their respects to their lost love ones and the last thing they want to have people playing a game around them during this time.

I plan on asking during the January AMA, but I feel like this should have been pretty common sense, funerals are not good candidates for wayspots.


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    Generic Business reject also, unless it's got some historic about it.

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    Taken from August AMA:

    Q: agentBiker28 - Should funeral chapels be portals? In Portugal and many other european/latin countries you have a specific chapel to mourn the deceased before the funeral ceremony. These chapels are located outside cemeteries, usually nearby the local church. Some places don't have these chapels and the mourning is made in either "regular" chapels or churches. Some time ago, all these chapels were accepted, but now can't get a single one approved. I guess it is being rated as cemetery and rejected. 

    A: It would be hard to comment on this without specific examples. If the candidates meet the criteria but are getting rejected, review the information you included in your nomination. Including a more helpful description on the significance of the candidate may help the reviewers get more context on why your nomination is eligible. 

  • I would make the argument that a funeral chapel is some countries are part of the church. A funeral home is partially a business and usually a none secular place to pay your final respects. I.E. not religious, and just in beyond bad taste to try to get as a POI.

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  • definitely not. we should have some respect for the dead, and not submit funeral homes and cemeteries.

  • People are sending the statues saying the art near graveyards are allowed cause they are pieces of art and niantic just said to deny the graveyard or cemetery itself!

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    No, consider a Cemetery or Funeral home completely off limits, statues, gazebos etc doesn't matter

  • Even then, there are exceptions to the rule; if a particular grave belongs to a person of significant cultural or historical importance, it can be considered a valid candidate.

    The Wayfarer Guidelines even specifically point out the grave of Elvis Aaron Presley as an example of a grave that would be a valid candidate.

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    This is true, but as with the Elvis Presley example that is a BIG tourist attraction. So the valid example will be very few and even then the submitter will need to make the case as most reviewers will be automatically thinking 1* (similar to local jems). An old grave doesn't make it significant also

  • Hence the "significant cultural or historical impact" aspect.

    Elvis is an obvious choice, but I can think of a few off the top of my head who are somewhat less obvious (yet still have had significant impact): Sergeant Alvin Cullum York, Lieutenant Audie Leon Murphy, and Robert A. Cinader.

    You may well be asking yourself, "...Robert who?" (as well you may).

    Simply put, he was the executive producer of a little TV show called Emergency! - a show which not only showed how a paramedic unit would respond to various events (and did so with surprising accuracy for its time), but more importantly is credited with demonstrating the effectiveness of such units to a broad audience, which in turn spurred interest in the creation and operation of such units outside of the state of California (where the first ones were founded).

    In short, without R. A. Cinader and Emergency!, paramedic and EMT programs as we know them might not exist.

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    Relax **** lol

    Not going to getting into a big debate on POI in graveyards. If one come through Wayfarer I will review it properly and take all into consideration.

    For me a good supporting pic would be essential to see what's around the nomination so can see what this POI might be impacting.

  • In my opinion unless it's a historical cemetery, that isn't being actively used, like those some of us went to during school to study the history of our time, anything in a cemetery is an instance 1*. Have some respect for people who are there to mourn their lost love ones.

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    I dunno. If nobody dances on my grave, I'm not sure I've lived life right.

    But seriously, all the large city-run cemeteries around here are essentially park land. Green spaces, maintained walkways, perfectly suitable for jogging or dog walking. And the older ones have brochures at the office, pinpointing our local heroes and historical figures for your self-guided tours.

    And my grandfather, a 50+ year veteran of Ducks Unlimited, would be tickled pink at how often we're actually playing outside now.

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    Pretty much the same here. We even have one cemetary that has a nature trail running through it, with information signs that describe animals that commonly live in graveyards. Squirrels, jackdaws, etc.

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