Invalid Portal on school grounds: Heights Lane Football Field

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Heights Lane Football Field



This portal is a sports pitch within the grounds of a secondary (high) school for children aged 11-16. The attached photos show current streetview at the top of the field on Hill Top Road, and going down Heights Lane towards the school; you can see school signs declaring it private property, and that unauthorised access isn't permitted.

It's worth noting that while the signs say **** Hill, the school was recently renamed as Dixons Unity Academy. The rename hasn't affected the school's boundaries, and this field is still privately owned by the school and as such breaches the K-12 rule.


  • This is blatantly on school grounds. How is not an immediate reject??

  • SenmanaSenmana ✭✭✭

    Any decision on this? Would be nice to get it removed before the children go back to school.

  • The sign says community college. What evidence do you offer that it is other than what the sign says?

  • SenmanaSenmana ✭✭✭

    I forget that "college" in some countries doesn't necessary mean K-12. This is currently an 11-16 school.

  • This Portal should be removed

  • SenmanaSenmana ✭✭✭

    I sense your uncertainly Niantic, so to help with your decision I visited today and took some photos, as I know Street View is out of date. New signage has been put up due to the school's rebranding from **** Hill to Dixons Unity Academy. See the links in my comment above for proof of the name change. The signs show that the playing field is private, and property of Dixons Unity Academy.

    The last screenshot shows roughly where I took the photos from, so you can match then up on Street View.

    Hoping this additional proof speeds the process along.

  • SenmanaSenmana ✭✭✭

    Please tell me if there's any more information I can give you regarding this. There's been a portal on a school's grounds for around 2 months now and it would be fab to get this resolved.

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