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Hiya! I’ve been lurking for a couple days trying to learn more about the process for stop nominations and acceptance.

While I’ve learned a ton, (and am saddened that the addition of Pogo players to the mix hasn’t yet made things better-we are still learning! It will get better!), there are some questions remaining.

1) It seems like Niantic became more accommodating of rather boring submissions like park benches (without memorial plaques). It seems like not everyone is on the same page with the nuances of Niantic’s current policy (I’m so new I have to refer back to it all the time).

2) My acceptance rate after 50 nominations reviewed is 10%. I suppose most of the remaining 45 are still in queue? Is the acceptance rate only those where you gave exactly the same # of stars to each question?

3) After reading here I understand that most people are grading the quality of submissions on the 1-5 scale, rather than pass/fail. While I can kind of understand, isn’t this ultimately a pass/fail system where either it is qualified to be a stop or not?

tyia for your patience’s helping this noob get up to speed!

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    Aside from the help section on the Niantic Wayfarer website, there's also a few good guides on the r/NianticWayfarer Subreddit Wiki if you need to get up to speed.


  • Thanks, GearGlider! That is an interesting link. It seems like those of us who jumped in using only, and strictly, the brief guidelines provided in the Niantic training are missing out on a ton of information.

    Are we actually supposes to be checking cells? The directions said nothing about that (I vaguely knew cells existed but figured the computerized mapping handled it. Cells aren’t directly part of Pogo play at all).

    The vagueness of gathering places makes even Chipotle acceptable, almost, and then the generic business contradicts it. Urgh! How am I to know which random business with seating constitutes the locals’ gathering place?

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Don't worry about checking for cells, it's not required for anything.

    Basic rule of thumb for business is that if it's a chain or franchise, it's a 1*, if it's something generic or the type of place you'd find a lot of, usually a 1* or maaaaybe 2*, but if it's unique or has something about it you couldn't find in any other place in the area, then it can be a 3*-5*

  • Best rule of thumb is follow niantic guidelines dont let people try to influence what you should rate things as they maybe wrong and your rating will drop.

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    And so, after reading all that GearGlider linked, I can identify 1 the 50 that shouldn’t have been approved (looks more like graffiti than art) and one or two questionable (there is no mention of military bases in the directions Niantic provided, btw), like one a memorial inside what appeared to be the tourist part of the Air Force Academy.

    This barely dents my approval %...so **** am I doing so wrong? Why are there so many posters here with 10k reviews and a very high rating?

    I’m genuinely trying to be accurate and do a good job for the community, but feel like I am totally disconnected from something Ingress players understand. Or something...weird is going on.

  • Just take your time reviewing. Try to do the best you can. If you get annoyed or frustrated with reviewing, take a break and just go play the game.

  • 50 is nothing. An unknown large number of votes is required to pass/fail a nomination. I've been as high as 2,000 more reviewed than agreed on, all while staying in green. The ones you haven't agreed on are most likely still pending for final votes.

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