TESSERA Round 5 - Devra Transmission

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Truthseekers: We have received a new message from the Tethered Hand. It appears they think this process has become too easy, and they want to shake things up a bit for this upcoming global drop.

Here's one thing that's not changing: The first three people to post here from each Faction are still the people eligible to earn Discoverer status, and the overall First Discoverer will earn 1 Discovery Point for their Faction.

But here's what has changed:

Discoverers for this Tessera will only be allowed to make Placement Predictions if at least 80 Agents post that they have discovered this piece within an 8-hour window. What's more, this piece is apparently tied to one additional Tessera, and the clue to finding that one will only be released if and when we hit this threshold.

So, just so we're clear on what's at stake here, we should do our best to hit this number, because failure to do so means:

  • Nemesis will get 2 Placement Points for the Devra Transmission Tessera
  • We forfeit the ability to earn Discoverer or Placement Points for one additional Tessera. And as a result, Nemesis will get 2 Placement Points for this additional piece, by default.

That's 4 points that Nemesis stands to gain, so let's do our best to make sure they don't do that!

The 8 hour clock starts counting from the moment the First Discoverer makes their post.

For the moment, the Tethered Hand has not said whether or not these rules will be in effect for all future Tessera global drops, so I will keep you posted on that as we move forward.



Truthseekers: We have certainly hit our number by now. I don't know if this means the Tethered Hand might heighten the stakes for future global drops, but it is good to see that all of our discoveries count. Thank you for your contributions. I'll be back soon with the new clue!

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