Wayfarer truncating supporting statements

I have had a friend come across some of my reviews on Wayfarer. They have sent me photos which show the supporting statement which has been cut off mid-sentence. This has included a URL being cut off. He tried refreshing but the full supporting statement would not appear.

In both cases the statement appears in full on the nomination list when I view it, but apparently not when reviewers are viewing it.

The character limit in the (iOS) supporting statement is 300 characters, but both statements were truncated to exactly 280 characters.

Below are the photos he sent me vs. screenshots of what I see in the nominations list.


  • See that happen often as well, cut off stuff.

    Also wish links wouldn't really have an effect onto the character limit, just like on twitter.

  • This is still happening. It used to open up a pop-up box when the supporting statement was too long, but now it doesn't. This should really be fixed, as submitters are expecting the whole statement they write to be able to be read by reviewers.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭

    I've seen this too, I've also had to go in and edit my submissions in Wayfarer to add back text that's been cut off.

  • I think its a data transmission error

    I have seen nominations "lose" description text, supporting text, even pictures when reviewing my nominations in Wayfarer

  • There's also a bug (at least on iOS) where if whilst editing you move the cursor to a point in the middle of the string, upon confirming the text all characters in the string after the cursor are discarded.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭
  • I've had issues where my entire support statement got deleted. I was curious as to why some of my nominations never "met criteria" (aside from stupid reasons) and when I checked my nominations in wayferer, the support statement(s) were just gone. So the voter's never got to read my reasons as to why it should be accepted.

  • The situation I have described has the entire supporting statement visible when the submitter views the nomination list, but not when others see the nomination in Wayfarer. If it was an issue with the supporting statement text getting cut off by the cursor before submitting then it wouldn't appear in full when the submitter views it from Nominations list.

  • Might be best to start putting supporting urls at the start of the statement with the text after, even if it doesn't read as well. I've reviewed a few truncated statements but have usually got the gist of what they're saying from what's there and it has helped, though a truncated url isn't so easy to work with.

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