Sculptures & Artworks: Official Name or Original Ingress Name?

I ran a pretty basic poll in the Niantic Wayfarer - Global Reviewers group on Facebook about the naming of sculptures and murals in the Niantic games. This was about the representation of sculptures, murals and other pieces with an official name documented.

Below is Niantic Support's Ingress Portal Criteria.

The second dot-point is my focus. Many sculptures and murals already exist in Ingress, but are with a slightly different name. So I've been making quite a few edits to pieces to flesh out their descriptions and to try to include the official name where applicable. Reviewers when presented with these edit choices without any due diligence will often choose either the existing name if known, or the most descriptive, easy name that seems to be the most obvious.

Unfortunately I've gotten many portal edits with their official names rejected. Some examples are:

I enjoy trying to improve the portal network by acknowledging the correct name for these works, but without any sort of substantial research on the reviewers' end, unfortunately it will continue to be rejected. While some of the official names might be cooler (such as Kalyptos), no one would know what a Kalyptos means. There are two parts to the question:

1. Regarding the name of the artwork. Going back to the screenshot above, what would be the preferred name of portals with an official name?

  • A. Sculpture Name by Artist
  • B. Sculpture Name
  • C. Sculpture Name, Year
  • D. Sculpture Medium (e.g. Dreaming Sculpture, or Dreaming Mural)
  • E. Leave as is (e.g. the typical, fun unofficial Ingress name)

2. Is it worth appealing to have the names of these sculptures and artworks corrected to their official name? Again, this comes down to my own due diligence of making a strong attempt to improve the Portal Network and making it much more informative rather than having generic names for portals and stops. Ingress, Pokemon Go and Wizards, believe it or not is very educational, and detailed descriptions and real titles really improve the knowledge of these local players.

I know. I probably care about the game and the portal database more than Niantic does (yeah I know, that was drilled into me in my last post). But give credit and proper acknowledgement to these artists where it's due. I really wish I could work for Niantic and just research everything, edit everything to their most proper names with the most informative of names and do it on a full-time basis. But I'd never know where to start. This is something, at least.



  • Appeal the decision if you've got evidence, the artists should always receive credit for their work.

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    We can have it both ways. Credit the artist in the description, when known. The title can be descriptive, the actual name, a pun. All of those options are allowed, none are in-game incorrect.

  • Thank you for you service! About 1) I think we shouldn't overthink it - B is the preferred I think, but often art have "ordinary names" and then A or C is better.

  • To help your edits, change the title to, e.g., Globe, and then change the description to:

    “Globe” is a sculpture by [name] created in [year]. The work symbolises [blah blah blah].

    That way reviewers will see that when selecting the description and realise it is an official title for the work.

  • This is precisely what's been done with a lot of old mural portals in my area; people have been researching the names of the murals and submitting both name and description edits with the appropriate information.

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