What is private and what is not

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I submitted 2 reports for An portal on a private residance. 2 Times said niantec the portal is valid. Can someone clarify private property to me.

Official advertisement where room is for rent.

1 report i did

As you cAn see with the official advertisement IT is a private residance.

According to opr there is no difference between the inside and the outside of a residance as far as i know.

The default response from @niantic is not making things clear



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    The ad itself says that certain areas (such as living room) are shared.

    Which disqualifies this as a SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE

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    Where does IT stand IT has to be single.

    Exact text

    Candidates on PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY (including farms)

    Then in my opinion the rules on the nia site needs to be adjusted

  • From the wayfarer help pages (under ineligible)

    Nominations whose real-world location appears to be located on private residential property (including farms)

    Please be sure to closely review nominations whose real-world location appears to be within 40 meters of private, single-family residential property, and nominations whose real-world location appears to be in a neighborhood park. To be clear, nominations should be rejected if their real-world location appears to be on private, single-family residential property or might encourage people to go onto private property (e.g., because the real-world location is at the end of a private driveway).

    (Bolding was done by me)

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    Thank you. Then indeed the portal is valid

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