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  • @NianticBrian when we get The Citys for The Hexa? And where will be The munich after party? Have a look for the NaGa, one of my favorite Spots and its pretty zentral and has enough space for a lot of people

  • P2063P2063 ✭✭✭

    I hope my account works again until Munich.

    Will there be goruck stealth ops? Because iirc the tough in Arnhem is at the same weekend.

  • I can't want for the new events! Sounds really exciting!

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Brian please consider making more anomalies worldwide.. just 1 for the entire world just doesnt seem right.. also more external mission days would be fun, if FS could somehow be made so that it connects as a external mission day somehow would be great. But having just 1 anomaly that starts in almost 6 months seems just very strange.. people will lose interest because its that far away both if u want travel and that its coming first in may 2020..

  • Thanks for the clarification, hope to be able to see you in one of the sites...if they are revealed in time for me to get tickets. 😬🤨😝

  • I'm not sure I understand what "scalable, competitive events" are but I look forward to learning.

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian I hate asking questions about a schedule that's still under construction, but: Do you expect 2020 to include any global medal challenges like the Myriad and Aurora challenges?

  • Hey seen he said you can get it off site, otherwise we’re flying...

  • vidiconvidicon ✭✭✭✭✭

    I for one am very excited about all of this. I wholeheartedly agree with pinesinger and others that faction-vs-faction battles are a very major part of what makes Ingress so compelling - feeling like you're part of something bigger and having other people rely on you is a massive motivator. And we are getting that in May in the biggest form ever. I might have preferred the Abaddon Prime format with 3 sites on 3 days, but having one big event is spectacular.

    I also loved the field test: Hexathlon and I'm looking forward to more in this format. This isn't the same faction-vs-faction battle that will draw me to travel far to help out my team, but it is a fun way to put your own skills against other agents to compete for the top prize. I'd be very disappointed if this was the only kind of Ingress event, but it's a wonderful complement to the anomaly battle.

    I'm also intrigued by the flashpoint events Brian mentioned. I'm recalling the DarkXM v1 events where agents were called on to make massive linkstars or city-pair links. The flashpoints could be something like that, of perhaps it would be more like a mini-anonaly as they tested in Los Angeles this month. Either way, I like the idea of new ways to engage agents without calling on them travel and/or sacrifice large amounts of time.

    My enthusiasm for Ingress has waxed and waned over the last couple of years, but events have always been a source of excitement and I am encouraged to see new formats continue to develop.

  • aaronviannoaaronvianno ✭✭✭✭

    I think they would have done their fair bit of consulting / research or whatever, but it's really down to managing expectations. You don't need to take extra precautions when you're doing minor changes like the Hypercube. But when you're altering a core aspect of the game, you get to managing expectations before everyone gets out with pitchforks & torches. In the 10 hours that it took to get this reply, a ton of people left their 1* ratings and left. They're not going to read this now. They've left.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    So, Ingress is going back to an older format for anomaly scoring with connected cells being thrown back into the mix? Great! I strongly dislike the recharge room idea. But I do like the connected cells. They pushed agents to work together. I've had so much more fun doing connected cells than doing recharge rooms. Even when we didn't get our field up in time or were blocked at the last minute. Still more fun than sitting and pressing the recharge button!

    But if we are doing connected cells what is Ingress / Niantic going to do, to combat the rampart spoofing that is currently still occurring @NianticBrian?

    That has been one of the biggest reasons why agents have left the game (minus the ones who were unable to adapt to Prime) over the years.

    New TR program is only for hard to reach or poor signal portals. It does nothing to combat where spoofers are leveling up in urban areas or even semi rural areas. That's a problem and it's a big one.

    I'm happy to hear that Ingress has a path going forward in 2020.

    I'm hoping for that new backend and some new features, types of game play, maybe even new badges to show up. Still hoping we find out what Recursion will be bringing the many brave agents who took the plunge (one or even several times over the past year).

    Here's to hopefully a great new year for Ingress!

  • Thank you for answering, since many times in the past we have made seemingly reasonable assumptions about the meaning or intention of a lore-related, cryptic, or non-specific game announcement only to later get burned by the misunderstanding.

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