Changing bonus location more often, changing home location once a year?

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I started reviewing some time ago, and I saw on reddit that Greenland had a great lack of reviewers, so I thought I could help them out by setting my bonus location to Nuuk. I also got quite a number of my friends to do that. Since then, we have doubled the number of portals/stops/gyms in Greenland in that area. Both the Ingress and the PoGo community there are very happy for that.

However, I can't reach the whole of Greenland as the bonus location only reaches the S2 cell the spot is set to, plus the surrounding cells. And I can't change the bonus location to help those areas out.

Also, there are many other places I would like to help out, like in Africa, Azerbajdzjan and so on, I've read that they have the same problem. So, I would like to be able to change the bonus location more often.

Regarding the home location - well, people move about, and it would be logical to also move their home location. So I think one should be able to move it once per year or so.

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    Your hometown locations is intended to be used for your childhood hometown. Not where you currently live. The system will automatically feed you locations for your recent in game locations. So no, the hometown should NOT be changed ever.

  • If anything I'd like to have the ability to ADD a bonus location once a year instead of change it once a year. So once you set a bonus location you can keep it and also set a new one when the cooldown wears off.

  • The hometown location has another effect, it makes you able to review the whole country it is placed in. So, if I had moved to say...Finland, I would much rather be able to review the whole of Finland then all of Sweden.

    I don't really understand the idea of having an unchangeable hometown, unless one's votes count much more in it, as you have the local knowledge.

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    Not a good stance, considering that places change. I haven't been in my hometown for over 35 years, it is likely completely different from what I remember. Certainly doesn't feel like 'home' to me.

    As for more frequent bonus location changes? Yes, please. I made the mistake of placing mine in area that's so rural that there hasn't been a single nomination from there. What a waste of a bonus.

  • I have not seen this nugget of information previously. Where did you learn of this?

  • Yeah this is news to me as well. My hometown location is in the same country as my current play area so I wouldn't be able to notice personally but I've never seen this claim made by anyone else either.

  • No it doesn't you just get the cell it's in and the eight cells around it, like bonus location

  • The point is that your hometown is intended to be where you're from. The game already serves you nominations based on where you currently / recently play. Changing the hometown location totally goes against what it is. You can't just decide to choose to have a different hometown.

  • Problem is a lot of people pick a home location without realizing this and do it wrong. I know I did. Also, some people have more than one "hometown" if they moved while growing up, etc. So changing it now and then really isn't unreasonable.

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    This is what the description says:

    Hometown Location is a place of your choice that influences which Wayspot nominations and edits are assigned to you. This could be a place where you grew up, went to school, or any location with which you’re familiar.

    Any location with which you're familiar. That's the criteria I used when I chose mine, because I'm not familiar with my hometown. And the places that people are familiar with change over time, so permanently locking it to one location is not a good thing in the long run.

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    I read it a long while ago on reddit, and the person had done some research on it, so it sounded correct. I can't verify it myself, though, as I have set my home location within the country borders of the country I am in. I do get nominations from the whole country and also some across the border, but near it.

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  • I think that it is your current location which does that? I might be wrong, though. I read that on reddit a long time ago, and the person who wrote it had done some research, so it sounded right. I can't confirm it, since my home location is set inside the country where I live.

  • I'm Aussie and Mine's in Colorado, definitely only see the hometown cell and the 8 cells surrounding it.

  • This is just my speculation...I have not found a very good sample of corresponding accounts and too many outside variables to make a full-fledged theory...but bonus location is Inverness Scotland..I review that area, but it also seems I review what people from that area submit [I have friends there and I noticed I reviewed some subs from england when one of them was there on business]

    my home location is in Idaho...I seem to get subs from places that other locals have nominated (or maybe also from those who chose my area as a 2nd..which I doubt r many) I dont get the entire country...I get alot from places I know people r visiting or have moved to)

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