Deliberate Misuse of the Abuse option

I understand its alot easier for Niantic to simply accept the end result of a POI review and move along figuring you can simply resubmit it if you disagree. However they really should add something where you can more straightforwardly appeal if someone has deliberately labelled you portal in the Abuse category solely to greatly reduce its chances of being approve.

Now I dont mind, like so be it if i have to go resubmit it etc but there really needs to be a consequence for people that do that out of spite and it wouldnt be hard and take like 10sec at most to determine if there was a legitimate reason.

(While i admit i could have taken a slightly sharper picture, i wouldnt label that a 1* due to low quality photo but maybe I'm just a little lenient)


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    Remember that Wayfarer is a neutral platform and the photo goes across all 3 games, in pogo you wouldn't even see the sign in that picture when its applied to a Pokestop you'd just see a pole.

  • how its cropped literally makes the difference between a good and bad image lol, if someone took your picture but cropped your head off you wouldn't hang it on your wall lol. just put the subject bang in the middle and your pretty safe for each game.

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    The only reason I can think of for flagging this for abuse is that it's very obviously not a valid nomination and maybe they thought you were spam submitting what you knew wasn't valid. Not saying I'd flag it for abuse, just a simple 1-star, but I can see why someone would feel that way that isn't deliberate misuse. Maybe this person had already reviewed this exact sign from you in the past and 1-starred it then and decided since this was their second or third time seeing it that they consider it abuse.

  • @harkonnnen is there something in support photo or statement that would've warranted the abuse tag, maybe unintentionally?

    Also, if it's not an intrusion, where was it marked? I'm always nervous I'm going to forget to move my nominations off my house since I do them remotely with pre-taken photos. Maybe you accidentally tried to make a couch portal?

  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    Off Leash dog Parks are an accepted and valid POI as far as I know, personally i usually give them a 4* if they dont have some extra look to it (5* I save for Off leash dog enclosures). I did just check and I couldn't find anything either way (might try and squeeze in a question in the AMA), but regardless there is an option if you feel that it doesn't meed the criteria which a sign for this does. That's the offleash dog area

    1st time submitting is as the sign is new and I only just noticed it (slightly off my usually dog walking route).

    Nope, the Support statement would have been something generic (basically mostly repeating the description) since not alot more you can say and the supporting picture was just one taken several step back to make confirming the location easier. That's the google street view, as i said the signs new but its location is clearly accurate also this was submitted on sight (so no "accidentally" leaving the pin over my lounge room lolz).

    Yes I know this and that shouldn't be a factor in rating a POI, particularly since the focus of the picture is usual in the center so when any cropping is done to fit the circle discs for pogo (no idea about WU) it wouldn't be an issue.

    Anyone that has submitted a number of POI has gotten a few incorrectly knocked back for various reason, difference of interpreting the guidelines (evident is the AMA clarifications),

    If it was rejected for that or a handful of reasons that made no sense (Generic business etc) I would have just ignored it and resubmitted it again later (still havn't had time to) but this just annoyed me soooo much more.

    I get its not worth it for them to overturn the decisions but should be able to do something to lodge an appeal, get the red mark (as an example) off my name and flag the account that labelled it as abuse

  • Hey Harkonnen , what a bummer this didn't go through. Has the "flagged as abuse" actually generated a strike on your account? Have you received an email?

  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    No, like typical Niantic you rarely ever actually know what they think or do. I doubt it and wouldnt matter anyway really since I mostly ran out of things to submit long ago, just occasionally now when I out of my usual area, something new shows up or well something changes in the AMA. That and I'm getting closer and closer to Onyx Recon


  • @harkonnnen looking at where you put that and with the support photo, I could see why somebody thinks you're just trying to put a portal in your backyard. I'm not really sure how to get a better support photo there other than perhaps making a photosphere. It's extremely hard to tell a sign is supposed to be there and your support photo.

  • Sorry, allow me to clarify, I'm not suggesting that I agree with that mindset, just that I can see that being a valid reason to flag it as abuse from that person's perspective. If I had someone repeatedly try to nominate the same boulder outside their house I'd eventually start flagging it as abuse.

  • There's no reason to flag that as abuse. I'm not sure that's a great candidate but it's not abuse.

    Also, it would have cropped fine. You realize you can see the full image if you really wanted to in either game right?

  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    Finally got around to passing that spot again before it was full dark for a pic.

    While you could say, Doesnt meet criteria since its a dull sign for an off leash dog area. Dont think you could question anything else about it especially location abuse

  • Abuse is one of the categories that

    1) REQUIRES a manual comment entered by reviewer

    2) Can cause someone to lose access to review / submission system (there have been reports showing this so someone must be reading it)

    So its very unlikely someone would abuse the abuse category

    BTW @harkonnnen I agree the original picture is pretty low quality as well.... so I could see downvoting it...

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