GORUCK Stealth training tips?

I'm most likely going to do Stealth Ops in Madison. I'm not sure exactly what all it entails and what I should do to be prepared. At the moment, I'm planning on weighing down my backpack and going for runs with my dog, climbing stairs, stuff like that. Anybody who has participated in one of these events have any tips to share for a noob?



  • Sure! We have a pretty active xfac telegram, but really, the answer is to concentrate on cardio and core.

    If you're not doing the monthly ruck challenges, go to alldayruckoff.com/tag/goruck-monthly-rucking-challenge/ and start the ones there.

    Beyond that, check to see if you have a local rucking club and start doing what they do.

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    @IllIllIlllIIIllhow can i join the Telegram xfac?

    @DragonBallZeke i havent done a Stealth yet, but i plan to train using GORUCKs Tough program, check goruck.com to get it.

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    just show up with your weight requirement, other items on packing list and wear weather appropriate clothes. spare socks and fast drying shoes are useful.

    it's just an 6 hour event and not even remotely as challenging as the old 12h format was. really everybody can do this. if you want to be on the pro side, train to keep a 6min/km pace for 4-5km, do some pushups and flutterkicks, know what a bear crawl and crab walk is, then you are already overprepared.

  • Similar training for a GORUCK Light event. If you go to GORUCK.com they have some sample training guides.

    Knowing most of the PT basics will help you feel less nervous on event day.

    Test out some fast movements under weight (do not run, you will **** your knees; shuffle from the hip)-- for me this is crucial because I'm one of those folks where exercise starts making everything a-bubble in my GI tract if I have eaten an actual meal within four hours of strenuous exercise. Everybody is different, but figuring out how to avoid these issues is really important to making sure your head is ready to go with no distractions. It's hard to hold a plank if you're also trying not to vomit.

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    Pack extra shoes and socks in a watersealed bag. Food saver bags are your best friend.

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