Pogo players submitting "dupes" because they don't realize they're already portals.

I've noticed with the influx of pogo submitters that there's a great increase with duplicate submissions that are already portals, but not stops/gyms due to the spacing. Would niantic consider just dumping the entire database into pogo just to make our (opr... Sorry wayfarer approvers) lives betters? It's bad enough when ingress players submit dupes, they should know better. (yeah I know they're probably both stuck in the queue at the same time). But pogo folks don't know and it's annoying for us.


  • Or maybe add a notification letting them know that the duplicate has already been submitted

  • i also play the other game that can’t be named and I do think that the apricorn idea is a good one.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Im happy the dupes are easy opr agreements..

  • I had a friend suggest that the map that comes up for nomination should be the ingress map showing all the portals to let pokemon go players know they already exist. We play both as well.

  • The problem with this is the location isn't always exactly the same, the photo isn't, and neither is the name. So it'd be really difficult for AI to determine they're submitting something that was already submitted.

  • This issue could be foreseen since more than a year.

    • This monument can be seen in Ingress but cant in PkGo. What will do PkGo player that dont play Ingress? Submit it!
    • 1st issue: A lot of duplicates are sent to OPR/Wayfarer, slowing down non-duplicates and overloading OPR/Wayfarer.
    • 2nd issue: That submission is "rejected" due to be a duplicate. PkGo player dont understand and try again to submit it, submit an appeal in this forum or contact the support through chat. Wasting resources.

    Other actual issue related:

    • PkGo players submit a lot of edit locations (using their leveled ingress account) to override the s2 cell restriction in order to get that portal which hasnt transfered to PkGo. Overloading OPR/Wayfarer.
    • Ingress players dont like (and dont understand) that PkGo location editions, even if PkGo tells them that they will locate that portal in its correct location later. Ingress player get angry with PkGo players and report them through support. Waste of resources and angry-toxic community.

    "Fun" fact: Harry Potter also shares the portal network and dont have the PkGo's S2 Cell restriction. It uses the same 20m rule like Ingress.

    That and more are current issues due to bad Niantic decisions. Everyone of these issues can be solved removing the S2 17 cell restrition to pokestops/gyms in PkGo.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    There are reports as well of pogo players gaming the system by actively adding more photos so that a PoI becomes a gym, and I reckon from the OP that this may be another way that pgo players are gaming the system.

    @NianticCasey any chance to disable pogo players from using Wayfarer and nominations until the multiple issues of pogo players gaming the system are actively resolved.

    I have raised tickets on this, but get generic answers, and problems just continue

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