Ingress and the Suspension of Disbelief

"Ingress is not a game."

With these words we can summarize what Ingress is. With these words we highlight the very nature of this game, namely the "suspension of disbelief". As with a slight-of-hand trick, the spectator is surprised even if they know it's a trick, and they enjoy the illusion; so the player of Ingress is passionate and enjoys the illusion that overlaps with our everyday life thanks to augmented reality, or rather "alternative reality".

Ingress is magic. Something that allows us to do things that otherwise we could not do, in the real world yet covered with a fascinating cloak that only we can see through our Scanners.

Ingress is a community. Without the collaboration between agents, the strong friendships based on a common passion; the events that follow each month; the anomalies ... Ingress would not be what it is, and would really become "just a game". But we know that it's not.

Ingress is discovery, culture, deepening. A way not only to meet new people but also discover new places, to deepen their knowledeg of history and art. What other games encourage us to do so? To change our habits, to leave home, not only to capture a little monster or mix a potion, but to make an area our own, to be part and feel part of a city, a region or a "cell"?

Ingress is multilayer. It's something that's not limited to the scanner. Of course we can limit our play to that level: conquer portals, pull links, do fields... We can limit ourselves to playing in our city and we can also play alone. Or we can go deeper and find out why Ingress is different:

Lore: Ingress has a complex "mythology", a "backstory" that is the first layer, the foundations that very often we do not see, yet keep up the whole building. It's from the story that it all began when Tycho interrupted a conference at the 2012 ComiCon of SanDiego, it's the story that initially thrilled the community of players by creating an aura of mystery around an app, a mystery that still intrigues hundreds of players today.

Strategy, Decoding, Art: When I entered a local Ingress community perhaps I didn't immediately understand the complexity of this game, or rather how complex it can be. Then I discovered that it's so complex that every agent can specialize in something, to be the best in that discipline and only then, thanks to teamwork can I achieve incredible results. Some in the creation of fields, some in the Decoding, those who are passionate about the story, those who from the Intelmap can organize dozens of people to make large operations. And also some agents can even create real works of art with the scanner using links and Fields.

Each of these aspects, and many others, can be expanded making this "game" different for each individual player and suitable for them according to the time and resources they have available, according to their skills and what they are most suited to.

Finally, like a flame that ignites others, Ingress did not finish in itself, it is not just a game. Around it, are continuously created new realities that draw on the game to create new content, a living expression of the passion of every single agent and every community: pages, blogs, channels, forums, fan art, even "Radio" that offer original content, new puzzles and new stories.

In short, Ingress is not a game (this time without quotes). Maybe it's a game and we deceive ourselves that it's not or maybe it's not a game and we deceive ourselves that it is. In fact, it's something that we create, help shape, it's something that we build. That is why we must make every effort to ensure that it is what we want. Without complaining if we can't decode a code because we know that someone else with the same passion will be able or will have time to do so, thus reaching the collective goal for us too. Without constantly criticizing the heart of ingress, the application, while every month people work to improve it for us, so we can enjoy this "suspension of disbelief" in our own way.

Ingress is an incredible magic, a contemporary global illusion created to entertain, and I hope that these words help inspire and rekindle the passion of those who are stuck in front of the novelties of Prime, or those who have hit their heads against a decoding a bit 'more difficult than usual'. I hope it helps change their point of view so they can see what's "beyond the scanner" which is just a small part of something much bigger and in many ways more complex, mirroring the complexity and unique qualities of each agent, because... Ingress is us.


PS:Thanks to @SiIverSmurfer for the language support, Thanks to you all, please share your passion for ingress in the comments: what's ingress for you? What's the Magic of Ingress for you?


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