Hank Johnson medal loadout available in the Store



  • All those should be doable now.

    Increased gear space and additional Key Lockers can wait till 2020, but seem likely to be well accepted and unlikely to unbalance the core game.

  • Long term I really dont know if I will Keep playing ingress. Short term, additional key storage for me is a must to make it even remotely worthwhile. I store some 1700-1800 Keys in a region of roughly 700km2. No way to remove the amount necessary to play small Day to Day game. Additional key lockers mean less inventory space hogged by Keys. Playing field would be more even, regardless of Playing style. Additional storage space on a monthly subscription means i could subscribe one month when I have time to play but would also mean competitors (w/o need to store 1700 Keys) have the same bulk + previous advantage for daily play and therefore does not even out playing field as much..

    Buying additional space for keys also IMO would be less advantageous to those who cheat with multiple accounts than it makes a bigger difference to daily play.

    With that said I would want some new features that help gameplay if we are to pay on a monthly basis. Work together with iitc development for an authorized fully functional planning tool to make it possible to plan complicated builds (w/o having to move in tos Gray area) or revamp Intel map..

    Scanner have also massive room for development but that is a different topic.

  • Good way for Niantic to track down multiaccounters and backpacks. If they have no or little activity and the character badge, good chance someone is just using that account to purchase gear and either transfer it or hold it, and since the account needs to be Level 8 or higher to get Level 8 gear it should, in theory, be unavailable to people "just making new accounts to buy a $20 kit"

  • aaronviannoaaronvianno ✭✭✭✭

    Definitely need medal reordering for character medals.

    Let's Anomaly medals be at the top.

    Other medals bottom in chronological order.

    Character medals in between with re-arrangement possible.

  • Hank is pretty cool, however I'm holding out for the goliadtx medal loadout.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    How about 100 spaces for each recursion? 500 is over the top anyway you look at it. 100 is reasonable and it takes a quite a bit of work to get back to to 16 to recurse again.

  • I've said things on here in the past about being able to buy gear in the store and stuff and how imho that erodes on the go out and adventure aspect of the game. Granted, in the same breath i'll go and spend a bunch of cash on lvl 1 reso packs for FS because I want to keep going and you sometimes lack the time to sit and farm during the AP event. And i've honestly changed my mind about gear being available to buy whenever on the store. I honestly have no problem with lvl 8 stuff. I draw the line with VR gear and being able to blow through a bunch of cash for a bunch of aegis like whenever. That's going to turn into an expectation during anomaly play. "Oh you ran out of aegis?? no problemo! just go spend $100 on more!!! Our team's success depends on it!" We've already seem Niantic's willingness to nerf aegis because reasons.

    My problem with all this is no guarentee Niantic will use this new money source to actually improve the game and improve anti-cheat. It grinds my gears when I see multiaccounters and spoofers, and comm indexing basically get a free pass from Niantic because their support system stinks. If i'm throwing down good money to play a game - I expect being able to not fast track banning suspected cheaters, but making sure a live person responds to tickets and they go through an actual support process to file requests for investigations. In the very least - follow an ITIL model for customer support or similar industry standard. And these support professionals actually have a set of standard criteria and policy and process they follow to say whether or not a player of cheating. Not based on what they're feeling about at that moment or some such. And most of all - transparency with customer base on what they need from us in terms of info/data. They should take into consideration into contextual data when making a determination. No more of this silly "date and time in utc and intel link to portal." We need to be able to say "this is a sat only portal in a well documented deadzone. There is no other way to get it. Drones don't work there - it's at least 3 km up - sure they can fly a drone that high, but good luck getting wireless aps to broadcast down." Sort of thing. For the money - I expect better.

  • let me grab the popcorn. i'm waiting for additional details to surface regarding the subscription, but once you start on that road the f2p players become a bigger part of the content, even more than in PoGo or WU since this is basically a PvP game.

    you need high engagement for the subscription model to work, and that means keeping some f2p players happy (for example, CMU rewards for Daily Activities like PoGo and WU or actual benefits for Recursed agents) and i gotta say: **** down the 6th key locker which would actually convert some f2p players does not sound like a good start; talking more about monetization than about improving the game / adding content doesn't seem like a step in the right direction either tbh

    https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/52387/#Comment_52387 we want to give you money for what has been previously offered and you're currently blocking it, what does that say about the company's intentions?

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    Time to dump those extra keys. no need to hold 1700+ keys in your account. Unless, you want to be a Keymaster and not do anything else. I know it can be hard to get rid of some keys. I've had issues in the past. Just take those extra keys out, put them in a blue capsule and drop them on the ground. If they are still there 24 hours later, you can pick them back up, if not, time to fill up that unused space and play!

  • SO many agents would pay a relatively ridiculous fee to have the ability to reorder their achivement, event, and mission badges.

  • To everyone who are complaining about the vr items and lvl8 items in this pack, and saying badge only please...

    why not say something about the price, for this?

    it’s a crazy lot of money for a badge... i couldn’t be bothered about the the items, they drop frim havks, but paying 22€+ for the badge is just a rip off, so thanks, but no thanks.

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    How about this. Legacy Klue. No Loadoout it make the Loadout lvl 6 items an no very rare. Also one per month is still too often. Once a quarter maybe like the Anomalies are supposed to be.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    The L8 gear, hackmods and some viruses were also on the loadout cards. I really don’t understand why poeple are losing their minds about this.

    I prefer the codes. Specially with the duplicate player badges, I just gave them away to people that wanten them. The gear codes can also be given to someone during ops in the field, I definitely prefer codes (on cards or email) over the ingame shop.

  • That's literally the definition of pay to win. Not a one time thing in game.

    Subscriptions are a great way to make funding an even and viable method of upgrade.

  • I missed Schubert last year, Original ADA and Original Klue :-)

  • I live in an area with players far between, so No way to reclaim the majority of Keys I keep. "Extra" is very subjective there, and varies wildly from locale to locale. Nvm ongoing struggle between factions here to get the better strongholds - continuous portal development (new portals).

    I Enjoy playing with a big plan in mind but it's not feasible to be involved in daily play as it is. Sure, I can most likely ditch some 500 Keys if push comes to shove but on the other hand that really does not help too much Long term. 200 local Keys on top and there is Still a lot less space than the guys only going local on a Day to Day basis... Or have additional accounts. Nvm going to an event.

    Game is very geared towards densely populated areas as is. In any Case the game is dead without new players and new features in gameplay. Inventory issues is currently an obstacle for casual play on my part. I rather just do a bare minimum instead of throwing away Keys i might need a month later. Does storage make a difference for the whole future of the game? Most likely not. Game development as a whole is the way forward. On my part (in My circumstances) storage is a key issue. Pun intended.

  • Google storage is £1.59 a month for a 100gb .... I wonder how many keys you could store in 100gb 🤷‍♂️

  • Hi bud how about old nl pack? With international shipping? Need to completed the flag duh

    i am pretty sure some agent need this too woot woot

    best regard


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    Hey Brian,

    Thank you for giving this so much thought and for trying to take the suggestions of the agents into account! A subscription sounds like a very much needed option.

    But please be mindful about the additional inventory space since this undoubtedly is going in a pay-to-win direction... Even if the actual impact to the game wouldn’t be that big, it’s the impression on the players that will make all the difference (as you can already see in this thread with the reaction to the l8 gear..)

    People who would pay for a subscription would very likely pay for it even without the additional inventory space.

    (Some even without any additional benefits - just to support the game..)

    More inventory is a great idea though if you can find a way to distribute it to all players equally.


    Thank you for your consideration!

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    Let's put what Niantic can't say on the table. Niantic has investors now. Their responsibility to those investors is to make the maximum possible return on that investment. If Ingress isn't generating enough revenue to justify its continued existence (and this amount will absolutely be a lot more than just breaking even), those investors are going to demand that the resources used on Ingress be used on something that makes more money.

    Which gets us to part two of the problem: the business model of virtually every mobile game is built around attracting high spending players (whales, to use the industry term) and milking them for vast amounts of cash. So I'd say that Niantic has actually shown an extreme amount of restraint in this regard. And make no mistake, that road leads to some pretty shady psychological manipulation (for example, item drop rates could be adjusted downward over the course of an extended play session in order to encourage you to buy gear). Badge/gear combo packs are very likely among the LEAST evil options that they can take.

    Edit for context: That Ingress has so far resisted becoming a microtransaction hellscape is something of a miracle, given the way the mobile game market works.

    The fact is, unless we start spending some money on things Niantic can do within existing systems, the game will not be around long enough for the two programmers, one artist, and half a sock puppet still working on it to implement anything vaguely resembling new mechanics.

  • This frankly got me riled up. The value of a key in general: 500xm. What happens if you drop Keys on the ground is completely besides the point.. you dont travel 700km one way to get 20 Keys for a specific plan when the opportunity is there to build. Yes its about priorities, but who are you to say that in my way of playing the game it is not necessary?

    Are there other ways to do things? Sure, but im not interested in that. Nor is it my responsibility to describe the gaming reality of others.

  • Oh, right, one other thing. The subscription model risks running into the same problem the Umbra tickets did, where what's the price of a sandwich in one region is two weeks pay in another. Tread lightly on that one.

  • I still say they should sell R8s in the store, simply because while they are level 8 gear, they are the most basic of building blocks to "having lots of gear". R8s are easy to replace in cities, but real hard to obtain in rural areas etc. While a city player with R8s is not significant at all, a rural player with R8s can make a big difference.

    Just don't sell any bursters at all.

  • A subscription that is not mandatory, means that players can simply not pay it if it's not worth the cost. They'll see those differences by region over time.

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