Diving into the past

In trying to find 1218s Carrie Campbells memorial page i happened across something that looks rather interesting and brought it to Essex's attention. This is in The Niantic Project Files, Volume 3, page 32.

This was back in Helios in the 1218 Universe.

My question for all agents and you @Truthseeker is doesnt this statue look familiar? Does this not look like it could be from the same era if not greatly resembles Osiris's Anazktec Stone?


It's an interesting thing to spot after all of this time. In 1218 we were only given descriptions really of the stone so no one would have been able to put the pieces together. If this is in fact the stone for 1218, it would definitely bring to question why 1218 PAC and Misty were with it. What do you think agents? What do you think @Truthseeker . How much more is in the past that has yet to be discovered but can be revealed through the information from Osiris?

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  • It looks similar to the Anaztek stone, but not quite all the way there.

    Here's another picture of it from a different angle. Note the mouth and eyes. But then again, Mandela effect may cause two identical things to appear superficially different. They could be the same after all.

  • That was Yuri 1218's Google Plus profile image.

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