Why are old submissions not prioritized over 'rural' submissions?

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My oldest submissions (technically every single one of them without an upgrade) are nearing 7 months without reply. Others have even older submissions that have not even reached voting. Why the hell are we waiting so long?

When PoGo submissions went live in my country, 'rural' folk got results within a week. Now it's even faster. Why do they have instant replies whilst anyone who lives in a denser wider area of a L10 S2 cell has to wait months or years to even get into voting? Not every area in a L10 cell is equal, plus 700 portals in a S2 cell to ascend to not rural and glacial pace status is too damn low and for too big an area given that thousands of portals don't even appear in PoGo due to illogical S2 cell restrictions.

The time to help 'rural' players has long gone. There is an insignificant amount of them and those who exist are either spoofing or too low levelled to help review. This unbalanced shite should have been done a long time ago. Now we are just being punished.

I'm sick of having to review to get upgrades to have a chance at my bloody nominations going through. Why the **** am I doing all the work and others are doing shite and getting their portals? This feels especially bad when you get awful, incompetent reviewers who reject 5* submissions making the entire charade an even bigger waste of time.

The system needs to be **** tweaked. Out of every 10 reviews, 4 should be nominations older than 3 months (and this should be sorted by age so the backlog finally gets **** cleared), 3 should be upgrades, 2 should be rural and 1 for wherever the **** everything else currently goes into at the moment.

Anything that still has no decision after 50+ votes should be reviewed by Niantic or if they want to be lazy, either auto-accept or auto-reject them. Just get them out of the **** system.

When can we expect movement on this? Never? **** do they do for work every day at Niantic? JFC.


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    Bummer. I have a church that is currently at 604 days from 4/15/2018 when submissions were re-opened.

    All my old stuff that was from before submissions closed out in 2015 were mostly just auto denied or listed as duplicate (with no response email). A few had someone else's submission that was far newer accepted before mine was even reviewed.

    Order in Seer/OPR/Wayfarer is has always has been completely random. Once upon a time they claimed that rural submissions were being pushed into the system and reviewed. I had 3 rural submissions finally go live at end of 2018 and early 2019 that were submitted in 2015 in towns with 1-3 portals total.

    Don't try to understand it. It's just the way it is. Submissions should have dates on them. Basic FIFO isn't followed or built in it seems.

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    Upgrades supercede everything else. If the number of people getting and using upgrades has increased as much as I think it has, everything else is pushed further back in the queue as the upgrade queue itself is growing.

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    Partly (and maybe entirely) true, @Kliffington, but it's also true that the order at which nominations are pulled from queue to voting (with or without upgrades) is random. Nominations months old still being in queue while sometimes day-old nominations go straight to voting.

    I, for one, enjoy reviewing rural nominations and I've enjoyed making nominations for rural areas while traveling. My favorite was making nominations in a small town before beginning a 16 hour drive home - and having them start to get approved before I got home. If only I'd nominated them at the start of my trip!

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    Upgrades are 100% random. I've had multiple upgrades. Most often it will take a portal I recently submitted instead of an older one and promote it to an upgrade. If not a playground or a church playground I usually expect them to get denied (which they have). This has been the same before and after wayfarer was opened to more than one platform of players.

  • Sorry, to make it clearer, when I used 'rural' it was because the system seems to count any L10 S2 cell with less than 700 portals as rural/low density. (This could also be L8/L9 but one of these numbers is true.)

    Someone can get a portal at the Santa Monica pier through to voting/decision in less than a week because most of the cell is ocean.

    So, yes, although many submissions I review are in places with 0 POIs, chances are these are either Ingress or PoGo agents passing through or their hometown and not actual people playing there. However a good many are in towns dense with portals but the surrounding area is just fields, roads, jungle etc.

    The system just sucks.

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't think you understood my comment. If upgrades are front of the line passes and the majority of reviewers have one then that creates a system where all the upgraded submissions push the regular submissions to the back of an increasingly longer line.

  • All about the money. Niantic want rural to be reviewed first as that's a potential new revenue stream in a area that potentially earn them no money. Old nominations you do have the upgrade option. Failing that people will just resubmit if in too long.

    Cynical yes but I think that's that's how it works.

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