Need new CMU capsule(s) to hold medias

Start at 2016 when I joined the Enlightened, I kept all the medias in my inventory, even most of my fellow agents told me they were "useless" and advise me to recycle them to save inventory space. Till now, there are so many medias in my inventory: Msg.Acolyte & Jahan, Dunraven 1-30, Nemesises' ultra & defeat, IFS medias, and much more.

I mean, it could be a good idea to make some capsules to hold only medias, without using inventory space, just as Key Lockers did.

I will be willing to pay to get that, let's say,one or a five-pack. I believe that many agents will, too.


  • I totally agree with you! I have the same medias as yours, the oldest one is that Msg Acolyte and Msg Jahan. Currently I hold 101 Media artifacts, and I like collecting them as they track my history as an Agent, and I like to remember when and where I did get them. I’ve heard from many agents a wish to have some sort of way to store them without using inventory space. Who knows Nia consider implementing a special capsule for medias, as well as an opportunity for newer agents to acquire the sixth Key Locker.

  • Dirtyjoe619Dirtyjoe619 ✭✭✭

    I've been suffering this for a while. Totally missed monetization opportunity.

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