Bug or Feature? Glyph get no speed bonus with remaining time less than 1.00s.

As we know the Speed Bonus in Glyph hack is given by:

Speedbonus(%) =rounddown(Remaining Time/Total Time *100)

I find that if you Glyph hack but the remaining time is less than 1.00s, the speed bonus was cut to 0% and sometimes you get no AP. It returns to normal once your remaining time is longer than 1.00s.

For example, for glyph-hacking Lv8 portal, total time is 15.00s. If you get 1.06s, your speed bonus is [1.06/15.00]= 7%. If you are on 1.01s, it will be [1.01/15.00]= 6%. However, for 0.99s, your speed bonus falls to 0%.

Wondering if this is a bug or a feature?

Attach is a figure from hundreds of successful glyph hack on a Lv8 portal, showing the relation between remaining time and speed bonus.

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