more GORUCK events in Europe

Hi all,

some of you might have already gotten involved in one of the Ingess themed Goruck events during an anomaly, but now i want to talk about the real deal. In 2020, they expand their activities in Europe and offer more Toughs, Lights and Star Courses here. We don't know any ingress event dates yet, so if you miss the Goruck action and want to experience it in a different way as one team and not Res vs Enl, take a look at what they offer in Frankfurt, Dublin, Arnhem or Bastogne.

Because i'd love to see more crazy people joining, here's the direct link to Frankfurt events:

We also set up a telegram chat for all interested, to ask questions, organize weights, a nice dinner in a traditional restaurant or just get together for some beers afterwards:

If you're from the Rhein-Main area, feel free to hit up with the local Ruck Club @Skylineruckers or @munichruckingcrew in, you guessed it, Munich, on Facebook or Instagram.

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