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    I can help answer in part.

    Decoding for Ingress "typically" involves a passcode that has been hidden within images, annotations, a string of characters, symbols, source code, etc... after having been encoded using common ciphers or indexes that can be searched on Wikipedia.

    The majority of passcodes have a format... for example xxx##keywordxx### or xx#xxxkeyword##xx, where the x's represent a letter and the # represent numbers. The keywords can usually be found within this catelog since most have already been used in prior codes.

    Once you think you've solve the passcode, you can test it by submitting it within your scanner at the bottom of the store menu on an Android OS or on the Intel map.

    It's best to seek out a decoding community within your faction so you have some support when getting started.

  • I'd have probably said "it's all Greek to me", myself.

  • I'd like to figure out GIMP2.1 and see if I can get each 1 to be 1 grid square wide, even though I've already gotten the characters. Now to figure out what the beginning and ending characters are! I have the keyword but how to make it the xxx##xxkeyword##xx


  • Ok i have manipulated the image and laid the vertical and horizontal side by side, inverted the black/white and scanned various different copies. after countless attempts with as many bar code scanners i can download i have managed to get it to scan but only getting 21 numbers. This is my first attempt at decoding anything but this is driving me mad... i will save a fortune on shampoo after this with what little hair i have left.

  • Podrían hacer un curso de como codificar una vez terminado el evento

  • I would not rely on bar code scanners even if you manage to manipulate the correct bar codes in the right order. If you look at previous posts, you'll already know which bar code system you need to look for, so identify the start code and stop code and you're on the right track. Then, manually decode the bar code instead of relying on a scanner.

  • Agree with this! No scanner I found was of any help. I googled the bar code type and found the info I needed to manually decode. The mistake that cost me a lot of time was not finding the stop code right away. That led me to decoding most of the second half of the bar code incorrectly.

  • so is this 2 seperate barcodes with 2 start/stop codes or should one continue from the other. I have just downloaded The image manipulation tool recommended earlier and will attempt to read this manually.

  • Thanks for the format, the keyword is far too hard for non-native english speaker... But why cannot I get it pass with uppercase or lowercase keyword, I literally wrote a programme to decode it and I get the correct checksum.... I'm... going crazy🤣

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    That's honestly part of the challenge of the puzzle, and revealing it would spoil what little is left to spoil after the hints in this thread. Research should aid you in working this out yourself.

  • I've decoded the 2 barcodes resulting in 24 characters but I've tried tons of combinations to get the keyword and no luck, I'm starting to think I've misinterpreted the image in some way

  • This has been my first time decoding anything related to Ingress. I got to it pretty late, though, forgetting that it started over a day ago.

    Took me about an hour to crop out sections of the image in Pixlr on Android, transcribe the whole barcode onto paper (no scanner app used), and to decode that. It took me another half hour to understand how to reinterpret parts of the resulting string of characters into numbers, though I noticed the keyword fairly quickly. [I am not a native English speaker. But, the name of the archetype was enough of a hint.]

    Thanks to @0X00FF00 for mention of the barcode format & to @NineBerry for the passcode format, among many others who have left comments here.

  • I was able to find the 23 letters by translating the barcode by hand. I also found the keyword but thats as far as I was able to get. Where do the numbers and other random letters come from? I'm sure its painfully obvious at that point and I'm probably overcomplicating things but I just don't see it. Do we use the leftover letters after we get the keyword?

  • Look at the format given earlier in this thread. Then look at your characters. Rinse & repeat until the bulb lights up. ;-)

  • you did not use a barcode scanner to scan the image. You performed a number of manipulation steps to produce a new image, that a barcode scanner can read. To create this new image, you had to understand a LOT about not only the barcode encoding in use, but also the desired end message.

    do you honestly believe someone could have done what you did WITHOUT knowing beforehand what the outcome was supposed to be?

    your claim is disingenuous, and misleading to new decoders.

  • I completely agree. I wasted HOURS yesterday scanning all possible rotations/inversions using 2 scanners on my Android and several online (upload file) scanners on my PC. I was ready to drop the whole thing, but decided to rethink it this morning with new eyes (and lots of coffee).

  • Sorry but this has ZERO to do with Ingress and what the game is about, and appeals to a small finite group of computer geeks(not meant in a derogatory manner), but really 98% maybe 99% are not interested in this nor do we feel like it has Anything to do with the game. Again Niantic misses the point, but in the end they got what they wanted from the game already.

  • I have it set up with the format from this thread just am not seeing any numbers besides the clock numbers. I can't figure out where the random letters come from probably from whats leftover but in a specific order? Is everything findable within the leftover letters?

  • Ok 16777216 11 151 11 -22 567 -22 567 151 is what I get when I flip left to right and invert colours 😥😥

  • Passcode confirmed. Acquired items:

    • L1 Media

    Good challenge! be careful with typos :D

  • Actually, I only decoded enough to find the barcode type. I did use a barcode scanner to actually complete it, without knowing the outcome. I used the manual decoding to find start and end codes to determine orientation as well. So no, I did not scan the image. However I did not manually decode it and then process it that way to get the result. I will not and have not done that. E.g. I do not know the checksum. Everyone had to manipulate it somehow, and actually I had no prior experience with barcodes, though I am very familiar with binary and char encoding in general. So yes, I do believe other can do it without knowing the outcome, as I did. Not everyone, but certainly some others. Many will not be able to complete it, and that's ok, it's a challenge.

    I am a new decoder, and that was my process. My claim is based on what I did, nothing more.

  • As many have said, it's not Code39. Also, if you're still trying to scan it with an app, stop, you won't get anywhere.

    Go back through all the comments in this topic, there are some great hints here...

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    Not really, there used to be far more decoding challenges, so it is a lot about what the game is about. After all, many of the forever passcodes and passcodes over time with actual useful gear are thanks to many skilled decoders. Niantic is doing what some of us want, and really, Ingress is a niche game. Why not bring back a niche part of it. Since the reward thus far has not been anything that rewards those who do it with a big advantage in normal game play, I say its a better event than the older decoding challenges. But that's just my opinion.

  • Note too that I said I created a working barcode, not that I scanned the image. Details are important, as always.

  • That instruction is not going to lead to the result, there are many other hints in this thread that will hopefully lead you to the correct answer. Good luck 😀

  • Props to all of you who did this. Far beyond my ability/motivation. Hate to miss out but you certainly worked for your reward!!!

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