13 Archetypes: Dreamer



  • It's not random, but sometimes you have to look away a little and look back to see it (: remember aaa#aakeyword##aa

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    Well... if you decode the barcode yourself using 128B then you end up with the correct sequence. However, for some reason the start code declares it as 128C, so if you use an actual barcode scanner then you will end up with just digits and there will be a little bit of extra work.

  • Thanks, although now I totally have no idea where I could be wrong now. Still, thanks a lot.

  • Oh yeah... But for non English native it was so hard...

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    Tht dpnds. Cn u rd ths? Apprntly Nntc lks 2 mss **** r hds.

  • Thanks so much for all the helps here... I'm just... too paranoid to think Ingress would want this as complex as can be (🙈

  • Thanks for the hints the comments in this thread were very useful it took awhile but it eventually came to me this was a difficult puzzle and this was my first time trying to solve an ingress puzzle. I see it now wow its all there hiding in plain sight! Happy solving everyone!!

  • Finally!

  • Thanks for all the helpful hints and comments on here. Got me there in the end.

    I believe it is my first real attempt at anything like this. Glad to be successful with a little help.

    (I think I had a brief look at decoding back in the early days but gave it up as soon as someone sent me the resulting passcode that time.)

  • As a lifelong English speaker, let me put at ease anyone where English is not their native tongue. Maybe 2% of the English speaking world would be familiar with this keyword. This is a VERY obscure word and if it weren't for the Ingress keyword list that was posted previously, I would have had a ton of trouble figuring that out. I remember looking at all the characters I had and couldn't for the life of me see the keyword.

    In short, to break this code, I would say that if you're familiar with decoding puzzles in general, you can get pretty far with this puzzle without knowing anything about Ingress. I believe you can get the main list of characters that eventually make up the passcode WITHOUT being knowledgable about Ingresss or passcode formats. However, having experience with past Ingress Decoding challenges is probably the only way many of the first decoders were able to take those list of characters and turn it into a passcode (and then give us hints on how to figure it out). Having a list of Ingress keywords is essential. Knowing generally what the format of the passcode will be is essential (knowing the exact format is amazing). Knowing that Ingress uses abbreviations for numbers in its decoding process is essential. None the less... I do think once you get the list of characters, and use the known list of Ingress keywords to find the keyword (and realize that its a VERY strange uncommon word), I think most people will get it.

  • I am a native English speaker and have never heard the keyword before

  • It is easier if you're familiar with some of the borrowed English roots e.g. many words have origins in other languages. It was easier for me to try and find where a word might end based on a potential suffix, and then work backwards to try and find "a word". I saw the keyword list, but didn't use it to find, I used it to check.

  • This was great fun. I started off trying to use image manipulation and a scanner but soon moved over to pencil and paper. It was my first time decoding an Ingress puzzle. I'm looking forward to the next one.

    Thank you to everyone for the helpful hints and comments.

  • Thanks everyone for the help. I definitely could not have done it without the hints. As my first time doing this, I learned a few things. Look forward to the next one!

  • Hi folks, thanks for your patience. I'm happy to report that the team confirmed this morning that this issue has been addressed and all redemptions should be reflected on the Leaderboard moving forward.

  • @NianticCasey Will this include agents who solved it before the resolution or just those since the resolution? The 2019-12-11 18:00 UTC update does not show me, nor a friend, listed solve time near 2019-12-10 03:06:00.

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    Great but what about those of us that have already completed and are still not showing up?

    And it would be better to discuss this in the dedicated thread about the leaderboard problem rather than here where it gets lost in questions about the challenge itself.

  • @RAIYC and @entron I'm sad to say that it doesn't look possible for us to recover the missing redemptions.

    I've also posted this update on the issue thread for folks who are following along there.

  • So i started the Challenge with laying a grid on top of the image and counting 1's and 0's

    When i convert ascii to letters, it gives me : ieH<R...... but hints say it starts ehw... am i wrong then ? The grid absolutly matches the lines ...

  • Thanks for clarification. I didn't realize there were different versions of the format. I didn't try to decode by hand. I wrote a script using ImageMagick to extract the barcode from the image, Zxing to process the barcode, and a translate function for the rest.

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    Yay, finally got one media too :) - from very beginning two days ago, i was know what kind of cipher it is, however scanner obviously did not worked as i thought it should have. So i closed it down, meanwhile lot of helpfull hints are appeared here. Most helpful one, that actually exists online tool, which decode it for me.

    So thank you very much, for learning this cipher, as well as for password, which is finally not fully redeemed :)

    P.S. I think, tonight, i will really be dreaming about recursed sheeps and tartans :)

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    how so ? you should have the time when the media got added and the way they got it ? (pick up/code)

  • Can anyone give me a hint for the end? Somehow I get 22 chars ending in a greater-than-sign, not 23. So I think I have the passcode up to the last 2 letters.

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    Well, I'm stuck at ewht... that's what i got from the barcodes... no numbers, no passcode, no clues, I don't know even the length of the password to even try to find the password, I've seen a few that could fit but can't see a pattern to justify that word

    EDIT: Chop me and feed me to the fishes... I was looking for the wrong "Strange word" all I can say to the ones who didn't get it yet it's that it's not a strange word, it's old, it commonly used in literature like Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, it was also often used by Ovid and Euripides. The name of the archetype has a lot to do with it

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    @MiDaM Please remove the code from your post. Let other agents have the fun of finding it themselves.

    Edit: Code was removed. Thanks.

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    I dare say that after about two days of getting nowhere, "fun" isn't exactly on many of their minds lol

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    After created 64 barcodes I have a 46 digit number... Now, what?! 🤣

    I try to decode that hex number to ascii but is like a 🤢🤮 ... 😅🤣

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    Your are on a good way. 46 digits become 23 letters. Now, only create a passcode from that. See my earlier posts with the required passcode format.

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