what is the new challange? How does it work?

got a message on my scanner today about some new challenge that will be over a number of weeks but it was gone so fast. Need more info


  • 13 Archetypes Challenge



    All that is known for sure

  • Another challenge that doesn't really involve game play. <Yawn>

  • entronentron ✭✭✭

    The decoding challenge?

    You spend hours doing it, submit your response passcode via Intel as requested.

    Then there is a bug, you get the media but are not out on the scoreboard.

    So you open a support ticket, get told it's a known problem and will be fixed.

    So you wait a bit and then there is a post saying "err sorry there was a bug, we've fixed it now but can't do anything for those already affected".

    Then the code gets leaked and hundreds who did nothing are on the scoreboard but you're not.

    Typical Niantic totally no respect for their players.

    The problem is not the bug, **** happens, but Niantic's lack of acceptable response to it.

    Sure they split the leaderboard later but that isn't enough.

    The point is they *could* make amends by manually (or even automatically) adding all those that are not on the list but do have the media. They wouldn't get the exact time true but adding at the bug correction time would be a acceptable now the leaderboard has been split.

    But they can't be bothered to do this.

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